Laith Wallschleger Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Actor

Twenty-nine years old Laith Wallschleger is an actor who is not updated on Wikipedia yet. Besides, he has an impressive net worth.

Laith Wallschleger is a renowned actor and stuntman who is widely recognized for his work in the movies such as Run the Race, Woodlawn, Redemption, One Heart, and so on.

Laith was also nominated for Festival Award at the Southeast Regional Film Festival (2019). Laith has done stunts in the movies like The Other Mind, Woodlawn, etc.

Apart from that, Wallschleger worked on more than twenty movies. There are more than five projects of his that are on the way. Further, Laith made his debut in 2018 by starring in Paterno.

Laith Wallschleger Wikipedia Bio

Laith Wallschleger is a former student-athlete turned actor and stuntman.

He is available on IMDb with 29 credits as an actor.

Likewise, Laith runs his website where we can discover more about his filmography.

Wallschleger is graduated from the University of Delaware with an MBA in Finance and Theatre Minor.

Laith Wallschleger Age: How Old Is He?

Regarding Laith Wallschleger’s age, he is 29 years old.

Laith is a native of Alexandria, VA, born on March 15, 1992.

His parents are Mayla Wallschleger and Kurt Wallschleger.

Does Laith Wallschleger Have A Wife?

No, there is no news regarding Laith Wallschleger’s wife.

Laith may be leading a single life as he hasn’t shared anything about his married life.

Furthermore, Laith is a secretive person when it comes to the topic of love life.

What Is Laith Wallschleger Net Worth?

Laith Wallschleger’s net worth estimation is at least $1 million.

Wallschleger has worked with various professionals and has gained enough experience.

Likewise, Laith is represented by the Central Florida Talent and Naturally, Fit agencies.

Laith Wallschleger Twitter

Laith Wallschleger is active on Twitter as @LaithChaz, where he has gained just 737 followers as of today’s date.

Besides, Wallschleger is more active on Instagram, with more than 15.7k followers.