Kara Kardashian

Kara Kardashian is another name added to the Kardashian family, the one probably you haven’t heard of. She is not so distant relative though. She turns out to be the cousin of Kim Kardashian. 

Kara and her sisters were seen in the ever famous Tv show “Keeping Up with Kardashian.” They made their appearance in a episode in 2015 making a suprising surge to all the fans. 

Quick Facts: Kara Kardashian

NameKara Kardashian
AgeLate 30s
SiblingsKourtni, Krista Kardashian

10 Facts on Kara Kardashian

  1. Kara Kardashian is a close relative to the ever famous Kardashian family. She turns out to be the cousin of Kim Kardashian even though no one had heard about them before. 
  2. However, the age and birthday facts of Kara is yet to be disclosed by the celebrity relative. But she seems to be in her late 30s just like Kim. 
  3. Likewise, Kara is about to start a joint venture with the american actress Alana Stewart. They were planning on the production of anti aging products for women. 
  4. Talking about her family, Kara comes from a rich and famous family. However, the facts about her parents are yet to be determined.
  5. On the other hand, she has two sisters, Kourtni and Krista Kardashian. Apparantly, they all seem to following the “K tradition” which is very popular in the family. 
  6. Besides, the cousins including Kara were seen in the famous Tv show, Keeping Up with Kardashian. They are present in a episode in 2015 where the family goes to Armenia. 
  7. Furthermore, Kara doesn’t have a wikipedia biography as of now. 
  8. LIkewise, she has a instagram profile which consists of more than 20k followers. But she seems to prefer privacy over herself as the account is private. 
  9. Similarly, the relationship details of the celebrity relative is not available at the moment. 
  10. Financially, she is very promising as she comes from the rich family. She also has her own venture which provides fine amount of money.