Jesse Henderson

Jesse Henderson is a very charming American actor. I suspect he could have even been a model at some point in his career because he has the face to model. His primary field is acting and he has acted in several productions. Although he hasn’t been in something really big and popular show, he is working towards it. Henderson is very confident and appears as he could be the “James Bond”. He has the charm of a legitimate movie star.

Jesse is a very fun-loving persona and loves to do random new activities. If you see his Instagram account, you would really get what I meant by that. He loves cooking, loves to go out with his friends, running, and of course, look good while doing all of that. He is working really hard to get a bigger career and work in impressive films. He has a lot of potentials and with a look and talent like that, I really think he can be a huge star.

Quick Facts: Jesse Henderson

NameJesse Henderson
Height6 feet

10 Facts On Jesse Henderson

  1. Jesse Henderson is a young guy but we don’t know how old he really is. Looking at him, he’s under 30.
  2. He is American in terms of nationality.
  3.  Based on pictures he shares on Instagram, he is really attractive and has a muscular body. He stands at a height of 6 feet.
  4. Henderson has been an actor in Finding Carter Restless and One Foot in The Gutter. Check out his IMDB profile here.
  5. He doesn’t have an official Wikipedia site just yet.
  6. We don’t know the names of his parents right now but it could be revealed in the future.
  7. Jesse is white in terms of Ethnicity.
  8. We really don’t know if he has a girlfriend or not.
  9. He loves gardening, cooking, and running.
  10. Henderson has 21.7 thousand followers on his official Instagram account.