Jennifer Mccomb: Where Is Saved By The Bell Actress Today?

Jennifer Mccomb is an American actress who is known for her acting roles in movies, My Best Friends Wedding (1997) and Zoolander (2001). Where is she now? Well, Jennifer is currently living a worry-free life in her hometown in New Jersey.

Nonetheless, she is also famed for appearing in the hit show of the 90s, Saved by the Bell. Since 2014, she seems to be taking an indefinite break from acting and is living out of the limelight. Her last role sees her playing the role of mother in a comedy, Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife.

Quick Facts: Jennifer Mccomb: Where Is Saved By The Bell Actress Today?

NameJennifer Mccomb
Age43-45 Years

10 Facts on Jennifer Mccomb 

  1. Jennifer McComb is an American actress who is known for appearing in the TV series, Saved by the Bell.
  2. How old is she? Looking at her, Jennifer Mccomb’s age seems to be in the mid-40s.
  3. Jennifer Mccomb’s Wikipedia is unavailable on the internet. But she does have an IMDb profile.
  4. She was raised alongside her sibling sister, Heather Mccomb by their parents in Barnegat Township, New Jersey.
  5. Jennifer’s sister, Heather is also an actress who has worked in movies such as All the Real Girls, Ocean of Pearls, Chasing the Green, etc, and appeared in TV series which includes, The X Files, NYPD Blue,  Grey’s Anatomy, and so on.
  6. Is she married? Jennifer has not disclosed his marital life to her fans and admirers alike. Hence, we do not know anything significant about Jennifer Mccomb’s husband‘s name and his respective background.
  7. While staying on the same topic, Jennifer’s sister, Heather was previously married to her husband, James Van Der Beek. Their wedding took place in July 2003 before divorcing in 2010.
  8. Saved by the Bell actress, Jennifer’s earnings details and the net worth figure is unknown as of now.
  9. Currently, she is living and maintaining a low profile and staying far away from the media and entertainment world.
  10. However, Jennifer Mccomb is active and from time to time uses her Instagram and Twitter accounts.