Jean Muggli – Bio, Kids, Siblings, Family Of Michael Strahan Wife

The name of Jean Muggli may not sound familiar as she isn’t one of the celebrities known for her occupation. However, her involvement with the athlete, Michael Strahan is the basis on which she garnered fame. Fans have been inquisitive about how she survived the ugly media buzz caused by the tussle with her ex-husband who is a renowned American footballer. Here is everything she has been up to and more.

Jean Muggli – Biography

Muggli was born on the 20th-day of November 1965 and was raised in the United States of America alongside her sister, Denise Muggli. She has consciously kept the details of her parents and early childhood to herself.  However, it was gathered that she had an awesome childhood and also suffered from anorexia as a child.

As a child who suffered from anorexia, Muggli was often perturbed by her physical appearance and was overly protective of her looks and body mass. So, in a bid to keep fit, she skipped meals and was quite energetic with exercises.’

As regarding her educational pursuit’, Jean Muggli had her higher education at an unrevealed institute in New York City after which she commenced her many endeavors in the world of beauty and cosmetics. Before she withdrew from the spotlight and while she was still married to the superstar Strahan, she held the post of a cosmetic store manager in the big city of New York. She currently resides in North Dakota with her two daughters.

Family Of Michael Strahan Wife (Kids)

Jean Muggli was once married to Michael Strahan, a former American football defensive end who spent his entire 15-year career with the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). The former couple first met where Jean Muggli worked as a cosmetic store manager.

How They Met

In an open interview, the couple has accepted that theirs was love from the first time. The two met at the cosmetic store Jean managed. Michael who is very reserved didn’t approach the lady immediately but visited the store daily for one month just to see her.

Jean Muggli, on her part, understood his tricks and played along even though she had her reservations as she never fancied dating a sportsman. With time, Jean Muggli realized that Michael was not a regular sportsman. He had a different personality other men in the same field as his. Soon, Michael and Jean kicked started a relationship and finally officiated their union on the 18th of July, 1999.

Marriage and Kids

Michael’s marriage to Jean was not his first, he was a divorcee at that time having been previously married to Wands Hutchins whom he had two children with; a daughter and son before the marriage collapsed.

Years after Jean and Michael got married, they welcomed identical twin girls, Sophia and Isabelle. The family lived together peacefully until 2005 when all hell broke loose.

Jean Muggli’s Divorce

Jean, in March 2005, reportedly came out accusations that Michael was violent with picture evidence of her bruised body. She also claimed that he had beaten her to the point that it affected her kidneys and kept her in a turmoil for days.

With all the evidence at hand, she filed for a divorce claiming that the sportsman stopped performing his marital obligations to her. In addition, Jean Muggli also claimed that the athlete was obsessed with her sister, Denise and placed a hidden camera where she dresses.

While all these were ongoing, Michael Strahan consecutively on several platforms denied the accusations sitting on the fact that his wife must explain the reasons behind the $3.3 million withdrawal she made from his accounts at that time.

Both parties were very much at loggerheads and of course, things went really grubby. At the court, the judge handling the case didn’t find any concrete reasons for the evidence provided by Jean Muggli and brushed aside the physical assault case, granting both parties freedom in a divorce on the 20th of July, 2006.

Currently, there are is no news about Jean Muggli’s whereabouts but her ex-husband, on the other hand, has long moved on and is chasing his career.


The only known sibling of Jean Muggli is her sister Denise. The sisters were raised together by their unknown parents but have trodden different paths. While Jean is in the spotlight, her sister lives very much away from it.