Jackson Z Kelley Horse Abuse Video Just Went Viral – Here Is What He Did

See Jackson Z Kelley horse assaulting Facebook video went viral on the internet. Let us find out who is he? 

Jackson Z Kelley is a 19-year-old guy who has recently been arrested by Norfolk police for assaulting a horse. He was abusing a horse at the Norfolk stable.

As per the WCVB, Jackson has faced multiple charges in connection with a reported sexual assault of a horse, prosecutors said. How can humans be so cruel to animals? Torturing animals for entertainment purposes and violating their right is unacceptable.

Moreover, he was allegedly caught on camera sexually assaulting a horse at Turner Hill Equestrian Stables. The neighborhood has confirmed his ferocious behavior toward the horses.

Who Is Jackson Z Kelly?

Jackson is a young guy who was arrested for sexual abuse on a Horse.

The disturbing video has surfaced online last week having a sexual assault on a mare. It was a nightmare. People are becoming wild and heartless day by day.

The generosity and humbleness have been faded in people’s hearts nowadays.

As per the news one, the owner of the stable shared a screenshot and video to the police as proof. As per the owner’s statement, the surveillance cameras are deactivated except for one.

Jackson Z Kelly Assaulting Horse Video Surfaced Online

Jackson’s video of assaulting and abusing a mare surface online last week.

The news has been circulated on Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube channels as well.

As far as the video is not made public yet.

His Age And Parents Details

As per the source, Jackson Z Kelly is currently 19 years of age in 2021.

There is no information on the internet about Jackson’s parents. We are looking forward to it.

By judging his mugshot, Kelly appears to be of African descent. He turned himself in and is currently behind the bars. His next hearing is scheduled for Friday, July 23, 2021.

Is He On Facebook Or Instagram?

Jackson Z kelly has had no account on Facebook or Instagram lately.

We’re still looking for his social media accounts. We’ll let you know once the information is made public.

Besides, the teenage guy Jackson holds an American nationality, and he belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Nonetheless, Kelly is quite tall in stature, and he has a healthy body. Unfortunately, his actual height and body weight is under the radar now.