Is Michael Spavor Family Man? Details To Know About His Wife Name And His Married Life Explained

Is Michael Spavor Family Man? This is the question that has tickled the heart of many people from around the world. In the article below, we have provided you with the details about his wife and his married life.

Michael Spavor is an entrepreneur who worked in North Korea and China.

But unfortunately, He and his fellow Canadian Michael Kovrig got arrested in China in late 2018 for some reason.

After some tough years, They have finally returned to their homeland Canada.

And, In their return, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau greeted them warmly.

Is Michael Spavor Family Man?

Michael Spavor is currently not a family man because he is divorced. Nevertheless, he is still close to his ex-wife.

Michael’s ex-wife was recently seen with his sister, Ariana Botha, while waiting for Michael’s flight landing in Toronto, Canada.

After he was released from detention, his ex-wife expressed her joy at finally meeting Michael after years apart.

She stated that there are no words to adequately express the feelings that have been coursing through her head over the past 24 hours.

Further, She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to her ex-husband’s release.

Kovrig and Spavor were arrested for the first time in December 2018, shortly after Huawei executive Meng got arrested in Canada on behalf of the USA authorities.

Their incarceration is widely regarded as a punitive measure in retaliation to Meng’s arrest.

Michael Spavor Wife Name Revealed

Vina Nadjibulla is the name of the former wife of Michael Sapvor.

Vina appears to be a very private person, as very little information about her is known at this time.

Speaking of Michael and Vina, They had previously talked to Michael while he was in Calgary.

She revealed to the press that Michael was overjoyed and said he felt like he was in a completely different world after arriving in Canada.

Michael was sentenced to 11 years in jail because he got convicted of espionage and expulsion.

While on the contrary, Kovrig’s trial ended in March, but he had not yet been sentenced.

Michael Spavor Married Life Exposed

Michael Spavor has not revealed much about his married life.

It is unknown when Vina Nadjibulla and Michael married or if they have children together.

Talking about Michael’s professional life, He worked at the organization called paektuexchanges.

The organization was dedicated to connecting North Korea with the rest of the world by sharing the country’s activities and unique images with the rest of the world.