Is Jack Dylan Grazer Racist? His Controversy With Ex- Girlfriend And Allegations Explained

Is Jack Dylan Grazer racist? If you want to know more about the actor, including his ex-girlfriend controversy and abuse allegations, then we’ve got it covered.

Jack Dylan Grazer is an American actor known for his role of Eddie Kaspbrak in the 2017 and 2019 field adaptations of the Stephen King novel It.

Born on September 3, 2003, in Los Angeles, he started his career as a child actor. Some of his memorable movies are the DC Extended Universe film Shazam!Luca, and Ron’s Gone Wrong.

Is Jack Dylan Grazer Racist?

Jack Dylan was accused of being racist after a video where he clearly says the ‘N’ word went viral on Twitter. After the video was shared, he faced heavy criticism for his inappropriate behavior.

The situation escalated quickly as people started retweeting and sharing posts about him on social media. However, he has yet to explain the situation and has chosen not to respond for now.

Jack is available on Instagram under his handle @jackdgrazer. With 4.3 million followers following him on the platform, he has shared 652 posts so far.

Jack Dylan Grazer Ex-Girlfriend Controversy And Abuse Allegations Explained

Jack Dylan Grazer and his ex-girlfriend, Ellie Hiyar, were involved in a pretty big and unnecessary controversy back in 2017. Although they have parted ways way back, they are still a topic of interest on social media.

Similarly, Jack has been accused of physical abuse and cheating on his ex-girlfriend Cylia Chasman. After they broke up, the allegations surfaced on the internet when people started posting about his abusive behavior. Chasman’s sister, Shana, disclosed Grazer as manipulative and abusive.

This is not the first time Grazer facing these allegations, as he was accused of being abusive in his previous relationship as well. The Disney star is facing some serious backlashes following all these dramas but has not responded to any of them.

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