How Old Is The Florida Freshman QB Anthony Richardson? Everything To Know

At the young age of only around 19, Anthony Richardson looks set to make the starting QB position for himself as he displayed an incredible performance with 73 yard TD run.

Anthony Richardson is a professional football player who currently plays for Florida Gators Football.

Playing as Quarterback(QB), Anthony put on an incredible performance when he ran 73 yards to take the ball past the line.

After the athlete put on a show, fans seem to have absolutely loved the play and are now demanding to start the second year athlete over his fourth year fellow teammate.

This has reportedly created a controversy in Gainesville for the starting position of QB, reports Saturday Down South.

But people are now almost sure that a new sensation has set his foot on the pitch and more incredible performances are to come in the future.

Following such an impact among the audience, we take a look at the personal life and details about the Florida QB, Anthony Richardson.

How Old Is Anthony Richardson?

Talking about his age, Anthony Richardson is thought to be 19 years old.

Mentioning the athlete, a Twitter user revealed him being only 16 years in February 2019. Further on exploring his Twitter feed, it is now known that the player celebrates his birthday on May 23 every year.

Considering these pieces of information, it can be clearly known that Richardson is now 19 years old and his birthdate would be May 23, 2002.

Any more information about his early age and childhood are yet to be known.

What Is Anthony Richardson Height?

Discussing his physical features, Anthony Richardson’s height is 6 feet and 4 inches tall, 193 centimetres to be precise.

Similarly, he weighs around 102 kgs in weight which is around 225 pounds.

From this, we can clearly get the idea that Richardson is a big man. But almost contrary to his physical features, the footballer is pretty fast as well which has stunned the viewers.

Who Are Anthony Richardson Mom And Dad?

Anthony Richardson was born to his mom LaShawnda Lane while detailed information about his dad remains unknown to date.

It almost looks like Anthony was always looked upon by his mother and uncle Jobbin Tanka Lane.

Florida gators official website mentions that the player is in contact with his biological father but it was his uncle who had a major role in his growing up.

From an early age, it was his uncle Tanka, having played football, who taught Richardson to throw the ball and guided him to practices and matches.

While Tanka passed away when Anthony was in sixth grade, any information about his dad is not available on the internet.

Does Anthony Richardson Have A Girlfriend?

In his late teens, Anthony Richardson might have a girlfriend but nothing is official at the moment.

In fact, the Florida footballer has not uploaded any picture of a lady that looks like his girlfriend on his social media. Likewise, there is no information about his love life on the internet as well.

Hence, we believe that the athlete is fully focused on the game is probably single.

Meet The Florida QB, Anthony Richardson On Instagram

Anthony Richardson can be found on Instagram under the handle @anthony2ichardson.

The QB does have a verified Instagram account with over 18.6k followers at the time of writing which is increasing every minute.

Similarly, the athlete has made only 10 posts to date has mostly shared photos of him playing the game.