How Old is Jess Brammar? Facts To Know About The Journalist

Jess Brammar is expected to become Chief of the BBC’s domestic and international news channel at just the age of 38.

Even there has been some backlash against the journalist, BBC is pretty positive about appointing Brammer after Fran Unsworth stepped down from her position.

Jess Brammar has been criticized by many for being a left-wing bias and making fun of Brexit. Her appointment to the BBC was being blocked by Sir Robbie, a BBC board member and director of communication of Theresa May.

BBC insiders even have expressed their anger over the politician trying to come between their appointment of news executive.

Jess Brammar Age

Jess Brammar is currently 39 years old of age.

She was born on September 9, 1981, in England. Despite being a famous personality on media outlets, Brammar has rarely revealed any personal details about her.

Jess is a private person and hasn’t disclosed her early years and family background in public.

Jess Brammar Wikipedia

Jess Brammar has been featured on the Wikipedia page.

The British journalist graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with BA in International history. She started her career in journalism as a researcher and assistant producer in BBC Question Time. Brammer then went to work for ITN as a news editor for more than four years.

Jess was appointed as deputy editor of Newsnight in 2016, where she also claimed her Royal television society awards. The journalist then went to work for HuffPost Uk as their new Head of News in 2018 and was promoted to Editor in chief in February 2020.

The Editor was supposed to be appointed as the BBC’s executive news editor but has been facing many backlashes due to her previous news reporting deemed biased by the government.

Jess Brammar Husband

Jess Brammar doesn’t have a husband yet, but she is known to be in a relationship with a fellow journalist Jim Waterson since 2017. However, both Jess and Jim have hardly ever spoken about their relationship in public.

Grammarly hasn’t revealed whether she is married to The Guardian media editor, but the couple has a son named Jude Alfred Edward Waterson.

Jess Brammar Salary

Jess Brammar has had a successful career in media and journalism, which means she might be earning a multiple-figure salary.

The journalist was the editor chief of HuffPost, one of the leading news outlets that share local and international news.

Jess Brammar Twitter

Jess Brammer is active on Twitter and has over 86 thousand followers.

Currently, she doesn’t have any tweets due to the criticism she received due to her past tweets regarding Prime Minister Boris Johnson.