How Old Is Breez Carver? Everything To Know About America’s Got Talent Contestant

The 13-year-old Breez Carver has stunned the judges of the AGT with her dance moves and is ready for the second round. 

Breez Carver is a professional dancer who is a contestant of the America’s Got talent.

She was on the stage of AGT on the 7th of July, showing her dance moves, which she started learning when she was only 6 years old.

Breez’s performance impressed the judges, and she even took pictures with the judges. Breez’s complete name is Breeze Lily Carver.

AGT: Breez Carver Age And Height

Breez Carver’s age is 13 years old.

Breez has not revealed her birthday or any other details about her age as the age got revealed when she got asked on the stage by judges.

Likewise, Breez’s height is estimated to be around 4 feet and 8 inches. But as we know that Breez is only a child now, and her height is going to increase as she will grow.

Who Are Breez Carver Parents?

Breez Carver’s parents are proud of their child’s achievement, and they were backstage when Breez was performing.

Breez’s father’s name is Michael Carver, and her mother’s name is Kristen Carver.

Although Breez is now a celebrity almost, there is not much information about her parents’ job or any other business.

There are not much details about her other family members.

Meet Breez Carver On Instagram

Breez Carver’s Instagram has over more than 20.4k followers.

She has now become famous after her participating in AGT. She has over 901 posts, and her post is filled with her dance moves and shows.

She is also following over 7k people. Breez is also on Twitter with few followers compared to her Instagram.

Breez Carver Adoption: Was She Adopted?

Yes, Breez Carver is adopted, and her current parents are not her biological parents.

Breez told the judges on the stage that she was adopted, but she loves her parents like they are her biological parents.

Nothing much was revealed about this matter, as Breez prefers not to talk much about her adoption.