How Old Is Atis Paul? TikTok Drama Explained

TikTok drama unleased when allegations against Atis Paul by Alice Petterson began popping out. Learn about the age of the TikTok star.

Atis Paul is a TikTok star with 310.4k followers on his account @atispaul.

Lately, allegations against him have been spreading on the internet.

Atis Paul TikTok Drama

Atis Paul TikTok Drama started from his former girlfriend Alice Patterson.

She started posted TikTok claiming Atis is a pedophile. 

 They had been dating when she was 13 and he was 16/17 years old. 

While some had shown support for the claimant, many are skeptical of the situation as she herself is dating a 15-year-old guy when she is 17. 

Atis Paul’s sister, Anna Paul released a video to share their side of the story on her Youtube. 

Atis Paul Age and Wikipedia

According to famousbirthdays, Atis Paul’s age is 20 years old. 

The TikTok star was born in the year 2001 in Germany and his birthday falls on January 2nd. 

Atis Paul has not been documented on Wikipedia. 

However, given the ever-growing rise in his popularity, we can expect him to get a Wikipedia soon. 

Who is Atis Paul’s Girlfriend?

Atis Paul’s Girlfriend is Mikaela Testa.

Mikaela is also a social media personality who is known for her OnlyFans. 

She has over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram. 

The young influencer is often criticized and is stuck in controversies. One time she said Sydney was the capital of Australia. 

Viewers trolled and bashed her for not knowing the capital of her own country.

Meet Atis Paul on Instagram 

Atis Paul is an active figure on Instagram @atispaul. 

We can often see him chilling with his friend, girlfriend, and sister on his account. 

He has over 236k followers.

What is Atis Paul’s Net Worth?

There is no information about Atis Paul’s net worth. 

He is a popular influencer with thousands of followers on various of his social media accounts. he also runs an OnlyFans account where he teaches his viewers how to earn money. 

Lately, he, his girlfriend, and his sister had been going viral when fans claimed they were flaunting their wealth.

They had shared a video of them moving in a waterfront mansion with an elevator, a big kitchen, and many rooms, which sparked anger in their viewers.

His girlfriend, Mikaela Testa claimed to earn $162,000 per month while his sister, Anna Paul is one of the top earners on OnlyFans earning over earning $7,000  in her first week.