How Did Jett Travolta,John Travolta’s Son, Die?

Jett Travolta was an American TV personality and celebrity kid. He grew up as the only son of the Travolta family. He died at the age of 17 due to Kawasaki Disease.

Quick Facts: How Did Jett Travolta,John Travolta’s Son, Die?

NameJett Travolta
BirthdayIn 1992 – 2009
Age17 years old
ProfessionTV personality
ParentsJohn Travolta and Kelly Preston
Siblings2: Ella Bleu Travolta and Benjamin Travolta
Net WorthUnder Review

Jett was born and raised in the first house of the couple at Islesboro, Maine. He was the first kid of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. The couple married in the year 1992 after the death of John’s first wife. Jett came to the family in the year 1993.

His childhood was quite harsh. He grew up the disease since the age of 2. He was diagnosed with the symptoms of Kawasaki disease at a very young age. The disease mainly occurs among the kid under 5 years old. It mainly causes fever and blood vessel inflation. 

The sadness struck the family after a great holiday trip in the Bahamas. The father-son was returning home when Jett got a seizure. He died after suffering regular seizures in 2009. His father still celebrates his birthday. And, he recently wished him in his Instagram.

10 Facts About Jett Travolta

  1. Jett Travolta (born in 1992 and died in 2009) was an American TV personality.
  2. He died at the age of 16. He suffered from autism and regular seizures.
  3. He had a birth disease called Kawasaki Disease. 
  4. His father was suspected of his death. After medical checkups, the real cause of death was revealed.
  5. The family suffered a lot after his death. They decide to build an NGO in remembrance of Jett.
  6. Jett Travolta Foundation is a non-profit organization working to help kids with special needs.
  7. After Jett’s death, The couple had a son in the year 2010. He looks quite similar to Jett Travolta.
  8. Benjamin Travolta is 10 years old now. Also, his sibling sister Ella Bleu Travolta has turned 20 years this year.
  9. Jett’s relationship details are not on board. However, he was single during his death.
  10. Lastly, his parents and their fans celebrate his birthday every year through social media.