“Heading To The Party Eh ” Who Is The Woman In Amazon Delivery Van Viral Video?

Who is the Woman in Amazon Delivery Van Viral Video? Tune in to find out.

An eleven-second Amazon delivery van viral video has been making rounds on the internet. In the video, we can see a woman getting out of an Amazon delivery van.  The actual context of the video is yet to be known, but the viewers have come up with new theories.

Let us learn about the video in detail.

Who Is The Woman In Amazon Delivery Van Viral Video?

After a woman was seen stepping out of the Amazon delivery van, different theories have surfaced on the internet. People have been speculating about why the woman was inside the van. However, no conclusion has been made as of now.

People are curious to learn about the woman’s identity. Since the video doesn’t show her face clearly, no one knows who the woman is. Some netizens have called the video an invasion of privacy, while some have made jokes about their amazon delivery being late.

The viral video has already garnered 734k likes, 23.4k comments, and 121k shares. In fact, the video has 10.5 million views as of now.

Patrickhook01 TikTok Account

Patrickhook01 was the one who uploaded the Amazon delivery van viral video on his account. It seems like he was famous way before he uploaded the video.

With 13.3k followers on his TikTok account, patrickhook01 has amassed 1.1 Million likes on his TikTok content. Going through his feed we can see his TikToks are entertaining.

Out of all his TikTok uploads, the Amazon delivery van video has the most views. The video has not only gone viral but has also raised speculations.

Additionally, Patrickhook01’s TikTok account has gained more popularity, and his followers’ count seems to be on the rise. You can also watch the video by following this link.

Amazon Delivery Van Viral Video original Reddit and Twitter

Originally uploaded on Twitter, the amazon delivery van viral video, has already made rounds on Reddit and Twitter.

Social media has its own pros and cons. It helps someone find fame, and at the same time, it acts as a medium for someone’s downfall.

Similarly, some of the users have also shown concern for the driver as he might get questioned or fired from his job.

Since the video was taken from a higher floor of the opposite building, the recorder and the viewers do not have an understanding of what was going on.