Has SL The Rapper Done A Face Reveal: Everything To Know About Him

Although British rapper and songwriter SL is yet to reveal his face to the public, there is a photo of an individual on Instagram believed to be him.

Harlee Bashir Laguda Milne, who is known as SL, is a British rapper and songwriter.

The 20-year-old was born on September 3, 2001, in Peckham, London, England.

SL is a drill rapper known for his slow delivery of rapping, which is different than the fast and grime style prevalent in today’s rap.

While doing his GCSE, the rapper went viral at 15 years old on Youtube with his DIY-style video of street anthem Gentleman.

The video is already viewed more than 65 million times on Youtube.

Following his success from previous singles, On October 23, 2020, the rapper released his first studio album, Different Dude.

Rapper SL Face Reveal

British rapper SL is yet to reveal his face officially.

The rapper always wears a ski mask in his videos as well as in his concerts.

Similarly, the 20-year-old always covers his face while attending various events.

The drill rappers all around the world and UK cover their faces. The use of balaclava is a norm among drill rappers to hide their faces.

Artists like 67’s LD, AM, KO, C1, OFB Crew, and others cover their faces while rapping.

However, an Instagram picture posted on @noremix_ is a rumor to be of SL. Though, there is no substantial proof other than this picture on the internet.

Rapper SL Parents

Rapper SL parents’ information is not available on the internet.

SL has not revealed any information about his family as he wants to keep his family out of the negative press he gets for being a drill rapper.

In an interview, he says his family is very supportive of him, especially, his dad who used to pay for his music sessions back in the day.

The rapper is the 4th generation British black’s from his family.

Originally his ancestry is from Nigeria.

Rapper SL Girlfriend

Rapper SL has not revealed any information about his girlfriend.

There aren’t any articles or news talking about his relationship available on the internet.

Neither, his Instagram provides any clue about his love life.

The 20-year old might be dating someone secretly.

Rapper SL Height

Rapper SL official height details are not available on the internet.

However, judging from his picture, he looks over 5 ft 8 inches.

The rapper is a slim build individual who does not have any excess fat on his body.

Rapper SL Net Worth

Rapper SL estimated net worth is not available at the moment.SL has not disclosed any assets and properties to the public. However, the rapper might be worth six figures.

On October 23, the rapper released his first studio album and is associated with the Virgin EMI label.

The 20-year-old must have earned some money from his singles on Youtube, one of which has more than 65 million views.