Gerrit Cole Wife: Who Is Amy Crawford?

Amy Cole is the wife of Major League Baseball’s starting pitcher, Gerrit Cole.

Amy Cole was a former UCLA softball pitcher. She even played in the women’s college world series.

Amy also has her own website where she shares “simple, flavorful recipes & fun, inspiring places.”

How did Gerrit Cole meet his wife?

Gerrit Cole and his wife, Amy Cole have known each other since 2009.

Gerrit Cole and Amy Cole met during their college days at UCLA where they were athletes for UCLA baseball and softball, respectively.

When asked about his first impression of Amy, Gerrit said “I remember thinking she was the prettiest girl I had ever met and I wanted to get to know her.”

Gerrit and Amy Cole became friends while sharing the weight room at 6 AM, but it was a pair of kind gestures that led to their relationship.

I was moving into my new apartment and Gerrit drove an hour and a half after a wedding just to help me move.  My mom was there with me and he showed up with a bouquet for her birthday,” reveals Amy adding that it was the day she decided to “take him up on that first-date offer from the year prior.”

Gerrit Cole and Amy Cole got married on November 12, 2016.

Gerrit and Amy Cole are said to have tied the knot in a deluxe destination wedding in Santa Barbara, California on November 12, 2016.

On January 1, 2020, Amy announced they were expecting their first child.

Who is Gerrit Coles wife?

Gerrit Cole is married to a former UCLA softball player, Amy Cole whom he met on his first day of college at UCLA and started dating about a year later.

Amy Cole also played in the women’s college world series.

Amy and Gerrit have been married for 5years and have a son together.

Is Gerrit Cole married to Crawford’s youngest sister?

Gerrit Cole is married to the sister of San Francisco Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford.

Amy is Brandon’s younger sister but Amy is the oldest of their two other younger siblings.