Funny Fairy Comments TikTok Trend Explained

People love to comment on posts. This trend has been followed for a long time. Since the initial phase of social media, people have been commenting on their friends as well as on stranger’s profile. This doesn’t just help to decorate someone’s profile but also helps to improve relationships. There are tons of ways of commenting and among them, fairy funny comments have been very popular. These kinds of comments aren’t just funny but also very poetic sometimes. The comments are mostly used to compliment someone or flirt with someone. Usually, we see comments that are poetic and it tries to attract not just the picture owner but also the ones scrolling down their feed. Well, that’s exactly fairy comments!

Some people tend to comment positively in a simple way but there are people who want it to be creative. Creativity in the form of poetry has not just been popular these days but has been seen for a very long time. Even before social media accounts’ existence, people used to compliment people in a flirty way. Slowly when social media accounts came into existence, people got more chances to talk to people. The best option was to use some flirty texts to impress their opposite gender. As many social media accounts provide us to comment on other people’s pictures, people started to use these flirty texts to compliment others. This is not offending at all but in fact, the fairy funny comments help people to know how creative the other guy/girl is. 


Fairy Funny Comments are now seen on TikTok and in fact, it has been seen as one of the trends. Many TikTok stars have been seen using fairy funny comments in one other’s videos to complement them. The trend was slowly adapted by other TikTok users as well. Now, we can see many of the users commenting on other’s profiles in a funny as well as flirty way. This has brought some comfort in the current COVID-19 outbreak as well. Apart from just TikTok, funny fairy comments are used extensively on other social media platforms as well, especially on Instagram.