Frances Haugen Net Worth: How Much Is The Facebook Whistleblower Worth?

Frances Haugen is a data scientist, engineer, product manager and whistleblower based in the United States of America. She is noted for the release of thousands of Facebook internal documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Frances Haugen attended Iowa City West High School and headed to offer Computer and Electrical Engineering at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.

She bagged her Master’s degree at Harvard University. Frances’ father was a doctor and her mother was a priest.

Frances Haugen Net Worth

How much is Frances Haugen worth? The estimated net worth of Frances Haugen is between $1million to $5million.

According to Frances’ Linkedin profile, she is the co-founder of the dating app Secret Agent Cupid, which is now known as Hinge. She worked for Facebook and quitted in May 2021.

Frances Haugen after quitting Facebook has disclosed some internal documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission and Wall Street Journal.

Frances Haugen has been tagged as the Facebook Whistleblower.