Former Pentagon Chief Nicolas Chaillan Wikipedia, Explore Him On LinkedIn

Despite being one of the most successful American businesspeople, Nicolas Chaillan is yet to land on Wikipedia. To know everything about the former Pentagon chief software officer, keep reading.

Nicolas Chaillan is an American serial entrepreneur and the Chief Technology Officer of Prevent Breach.

His recent take on China’s technological superiority over the U.S. has him trending all over the internet.

On 11 October 201, Nicolas said that his country’s chances of touching China technologically in the next 10 to 15 years were non-existent. Now it takes quite a courage to speak critically about one’s own country’s backwardness.

However, his professional background certainly makes his statements very credible. So, is his assessment correct or not? How will the politicians take it? That’s what many people, including us, want to know.

Nicolas Chaillan Wikipedia – Who Is He?

Nicolas Chaillan is still to feature a Wikipedia page officially, but we know a thing or two about the Pentagon’s first chief software officer.

He was born on 3 August 1984 in Marseille, France, to Sylvie Chaillan and Bernard Chaillan. His father was a journalist. As for his mother, her profession remains unknown. Like his mom, he never disclosed his love life and his wife (if married).

In August 2016, he got his U.S. citizenship and currently lives in Washington.

As a 14-year-old kid, Nicolas became the early pioneer and contributor to PHP, a language specially used in web development. Then, in 2002, at 18, he officially joined the PHP team and helped develop extensions such as SPPLUS and Cybermut.

Similarly, he also became one of France’s youngest entrepreneurs at 15 after finding WORLDAKT. After this, he found many companies, to be exact 12 companies including,,, Cyber Revolution, inc, and others.

But the highlight of his career came after he joined the United States Department of Defense in August 2018 and Air Force in May 2019. But he decided to bail out from those positions in September 2021. He said his goodbyes via his official Linkedin account.

Nicolas Chaillan – AI Warfare

Nicolas Chaillan recently made strong statements on Artificial Intelligence (AI) warfare. He stated that the U.S. would lose the AI warfare against China, one out of a hundred, at the moment.

He has over 22 years of domestic and international experience with technical and subject matter expertise. An expert in technological fields such as cybersecurity, DevSecOps, Mixed Reality, VR, Cloud computing, and wearables, his take on AI warfare holds significant value.

In his recent interview, Nicolas stated that China was the dominant force in the AI industry, and the U.S. wasn’t as good as China. In addition to that, he blamed his country’s own innovation and companies like Google’s unwillingness to work with the state on AI.

He also quoted that some U.S. cyber defenses in some government departments were literally at the kindergarten level.

Nicolas Chaillan Salary And Net Worth

As for Nicolas Chaillan’salary and net worth, he never actually revealed them.

However, his net worth must be very high, probably in millions, especially considering his illustrious entrepreneurial career. As for his salary, that must be pretty high as well.