Eli Lewis Missing Update: Everything To Know About The 5-Year-Old Boy From New Hampshire

Eli Lewis is missing at the moment, but the update is that his mother, Dauphinais, and Joseph were arrested.

Eli Lewis is the boy who was seen six months ago, but, the authorized person was not aware that the boy was missing until last week.

His mother, Danielle Denise Dauphinais, and her boyfriend, Joseph were arrested in his missing case on October 17, 2021.

Eli Lewis Missing Update: Is The New Hampshire Boy Found?

No, Eli Lewis is still missing and the police are still searching for him.

The boy went missing for about six months, but it was only on Thursday that the Merrimack Police Department was aware of his missing by the Department of Children, Youth, and Families.

Taking about Eli’s case update, the boy’s mother and a man have been arrested as the officers continue their search for him.

Mother, Danielle Denise Dauphinais, and Joseph Stapf, her partner were arrested by New York City Transit Authority.

They were arrested on a warrant for witness tampering and child endangerment, as per John M. Formella’s office.

Furthermore, the same say New Hampshire State Police, the New Hampshire Department of Justice, and the New Hampshire Attorney general’s office also got involved.

Who Are Eli Lewis Parents?

Eli Lewis was born to his parents; Danielle Denise Dauphinais (Mother) and father.

However, we do lack intel on his father at the moment, as it has not been revealed publicly.

Danielle is quite known as a drug user and also goes missing for several months at a time after using.

The mother possesses a total of 6 children; three of them lived with their fathers since they were infants.

Furthermore, her younger daughter and newborn with Joseph are placed with DCYF within the last week. So, Lewis is the only child of hers that is currently missing.

Eli’s father does not live in New Hampshire and is aware of the disappearance of his son.

Eli Lewis Age: How Old Is He?

According to different sources, Eli Lewis’s actual age is 5 years old, in 2021.

He was born in the year 2016, however, we do lack intel on his exact date of birth as well as his zodiac sign.

As of now, we do lack intel on his body measurements such as height and weight. It will be updated soon.

Eli Lewis Facebook Details

There is a public group on Facebook with the name Find Eli Lewis-NH MISSING CHILD, where his story is told and many people shares it.

People are sharing his missing posts all over the internet and helping the police to find him. They are wishing the boy’s safety by expressing their emotions through the social media platform.