Ebby Steppach Brother Trevor Now: What Happened To Her? Whereabouts 2021

Trevor is known to be the brother of Ebby Steppach who mysteriously disappeared in Arkansas. People are curious to find out the result of her mysterious case.

Ebby Jane Stebbach was an American woman who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Days before her disappearance, she had accused four men of gang-raping her at a party she had attended. Her death has been classified as a homicide.

Ebby Steppach Brother Trevor Now

The whereabouts of Ebby Steppach’s brother, Trevor have not been discovered as of 2021.

Trevor was claimed to be the last person she contacted before her disappearance on October 25, 2015. She placed an erratic phone call to her older brother, Trevor.

She wanted independence from her parents, so she decided to move out of her family’s home at the beginning of the school year. But, she was mainly staying with her grandparents and friends.

Ebby was 18 years old at that time and had previously attended a private school, but transitioned to a public school that year.

She even arrived at her mother’s home and informed her stepfather that she has been gang-raped by four individuals and claimed that it was recorded on a cell phone.

Who Killed Ebby Steppach? Details About Her Murder

After all the investigation, it was revealed that Ebby Steppach was killed or murdered by someone related to her earlier rape claim.

Several searches of Chalamont Park were undertaken after the discovery of Steppach’s car, though no additional evidence was found in the surrounding woods.

It was also revealed that the men Steppach had accused of sexual assault had all spoken to police. Whereas, no formal searches of their cell phones were done for the alleged video of Steppach’s rape.

In an attempt to bring publicity to her case, Steppach’s mother and birther Trevor appeared on Dr. Phil in December 2017.

The Steppach family offered a reward of $50,000 with information leading to their daughter’s discovery in the hope of finding the details of their daughter’s death.

Ebby Steppach Wikipedia Update 2021

A lot of people are curious to find out what happened to Ebby Steppach through an update on her Wikipedia page.

As, her case was even mentioned on the Wikipedia site with the title Murder of Ebby Steppach. It contains all the details of her investigations and police reports.

The page was recently updated on September 14, 2021 and her case was the main subject for the podcast called “Subterfuge in Chalamont Park”.

She remained a missing person for nearly three years before her body was discovered in a drainage pipe in Chalamont Park in May 2018.