Destiny Johnson – Bio, Everything To Know About Demetrious Johnson’s Wife

Destiny Johnson is a classy stylish and beautiful lady respected and famously known in the world of sport as the wife of UFC fighter Demetrious Johnson aka “Mighty Mouse,” who was formerly a freestyle wrestler but is currently making waves in Mixed Martial Arts. He is known as the first and present Flyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and holds an enviable record for the lengthiest championship reign with 11 title defenses. For such a talented and accomplished wrestler, Mighty Mouse attributes all his glowing success to one person, Destiny Johnson.

Destiny Johnson’s Bio

Destiny Johnson was born on 3rd of May, 1987, in Fort Worth, Texas. She was raised in the US and according to records, her father was a US Marine. Destiny said her father taught her a lot of things including respect which she values to be the most important. She is very close to him and shares a lot of his pictures on her social media. Although she has shared a few pictures of her mother, there is not so much about her that is known at this time.

Just as her husband, she did not have an easy life while growing up as she had self-destructive tendencies although she hid her feelings so that no one knew what she was going through. She had a stepdad who was not the easiest of men. She revealed that she was angry at many of the things he made her do when she was still a child.

While her total number of siblings isn’t clear to the media, she has made it obvious that she has at least a sister and a brother, Cody Bartels both of whom she maintains a very close relationship.

Concerning her schooling, Destiny Johnson went to Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom. From 2003 to 2009, she worked at Red Lobster as a bartender and server. She spent some time in 2008 working as an LPO Closing assistant with Fidelity Escrow, Inc., and then from 2008, she started working as a K8 Registration Specialist at Washington Virtual Academy.

More About Destiny Johnson’s Family, Husband and Kids

Destiny Johnson’s brother, Cody Bartels, is a musician who has a sense of adventure. We infer this by simply going through his social media. One cannot deny that he is really into adventure as he does everything from fishing to surfing and riding on bulls.

Demetrious Johnson and Destiny Johnson tied the nuptials on the 11th day of May 2012 in Hawaii. The professional wrestler seems to be living in marital bliss with his wife because according to him, his wife gave him a new encouragement that he desperately needed. She was able to pull him out of his horrible past and disturbing childhood, and with her help, he started his journey towards fame in Martial Arts. He always says that his wife was the best thing that has happened to him and that his life today will be incomplete without her. Their union is blessed with two boys and a girl.

When the pair got married, Demetrious was forced to prepare for an upcoming fight merely a few weeks later. Destiny was fully supportive of his decision and their honeymoon ended up being about running along the beach or climbing the hill. A few weeks later, all his efforts did not go in vain as he fought the match and became victorious through a unanimous decision.

Demetrious Johnson is at the top of his game and it’s not surprising at all. The story of Johnson is pretty much one of the most touching in the world of sports; from not knowing who his biological father was, to being brought up by an abusive stepfather and a mother who was deaf. Through it all, he managed to become one of the most dominant figures in the UFC.

Destiny Johnson is a really cool UFC wife; she definitely understands the demands of being married to a professional athlete. She keeps things entertaining, even calling herself on social media ‘mighty wife’. The fans love her and she gets lots of messages on social media. Destiny’s husband is an avid gamer and streams his gaming via with the username mightygaming.

She gave birth to two of her kids through cesarean section. She revealed that is was not easy, especially the second time, but it was definitely worth it because it was for her kids.