Dasha Nekrasova Boyfriend: Is She Dating Paul Jonathan After Split From Fiance Adam Friedland?

Dasha Nekrasova, the new actress in the series “Succession” has not introduced her boyfriend to the world as of yet. Here’s what you need to know about her!

Dasha Nekrasova is a multi-talented Belarusian-American actress, writer, director, and podcaster.

She became an internet sensation as of 2018 when her interview with an InfoWars reporter went viral. She was dressed in a sailor fuku, the traditional Japanese school uniform, and has been known as “Sailor Socialism”.

Dasha Nekrasova Boyfriend: Is She Dating Paul Jonathan?

Dasha Nekrasova has not disclosed any information on her boyfriend as well as his identity as of yet.

Moreover, she has always kept her dating life away from the media.

Dasha is a very considerate person when it comes to her personal life thus, she has gone to lengths to keep it a secret from the public.

Even so, we hope that she will soon talk about what goes inside her love life and also shut down many rumors regarding her relationships.

Is She Dating Paul Jonathan After Split From Fiance Adam Friedland?

Dasha Nekrasova has maintained her silence even after her split from her former fiance, Adam Friedland.

Thus, she is not dating any person named Paul Jonathan after her breakup at the moment.

With many unexpected conclusions on her personal life, she may soon come forward explaining her side of the story.

Dasha Nekrasova Eating Disorder Explored

Dasha Nekrasova is reported not to have an eating disorder but she is indeed a very careful and picky eater.

Her eating habits can be followed on her secondary Twitter account @dash_eats where she posts about what she eats and her physical appearance.

She is also seen to sometimes include her exact weight in pounds in her posts. Dasha has been open about not wanting to gain any further weight and has maintained such a lifestyle.

Even so, her choice of lifestyle is described not to be exactly an eating disorder as she still opts for normal and healthy food.