Clara Babylegs – Biography, Family Life, All You Need To Know

Clara Babylegs is a popular American internet personality. She first rose to fame following the highly creative and entertaining vlogs on her YouTube channel. Since then, the YouTuber has expanded her popularity and influence to other social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, Babylegs is also well-known for her relationship with fellow YouTuber, Bashurverse. Her beau has endured several controversies, including allegations of pedophilia, as well as suicidal and depressing thoughts. Keep reading to know more about the social media star.

Clara Babylegs – Biography

Clara Babylegs (birth name – Clara Swan) was born on the 31st of August 1996. Her exact place of birth is not known but her nationality is American while her ethnicity is Caucasian. The gorgeous internet personality has not disclosed a lot of personal details about herself. As such, there is a paucity of information with regards to her early life, childhood or educational background. However, it is not hard to see that she is quite educated, given how well-spoken and articulate she is. Clara Babylegs commenced her journey to YouTube stardom in 2014 when she launched her channel titled ItsBabyLegs.

She initially started out by posting content related to popular life simulation video game, The Sims. She quickly gained an impressive following, thanks to her funny personality and soon diversified to other content such as makeup tutorials, how to videos, and unboxing videos. For the uninitiated, an unboxing video is when an internet personality unwraps a newly purchased item, usually electronic devices or gadgets, for the first time. They film the entire experience and the whole point of such video is to capture their initial and unscripted reaction to the goods.

Clara Babylegs also posts clothes haul videos. During these vlogs, she discusses clothing items which she has purchased or received from several brands. She also covers the whole shopping experience, as well as the cost of items. Since she started her YouTube channel, Babylegs has gained an impressive following across all major social media platforms. She has 230,000 subscribers on YouTube, 142,000 followers on Instagram and 152,000 followers on Twitter. One impressive thing about this young lady is that she has managed to avoid much of the controversies that have tainted her peers such as accusations of racism.


Clara Babylegs was previously in a relationship with another famous YouTuber known as Bashurverse. Real name – Brandon Dylan Ashur, Bashurverse is a native of Kentucky and was born on the 9th of September 1985. He joined YouTube in April 2010 and started posting vlogs on video games such as Minecraft and Skylanders: Trap Team. He became popular for his Legend of Hobo Series (based on Minecraft) and has gone on to collaborate with other YouTubers such as Sky, JeromeASF, and Captain Sparklez.

It is not exactly known when BabyLegs and Bashurverse commenced their relationship but they were already together as far back as 2014. The couple’s relationship even progressed to a point where they moved in together. They also collaborated professionally and made videos together for their respective channels. Clara Babylegs and her man broke up in 2015 but later reconciled. On the 2nd of May 2017, Babylegs tweeted that she and Bashurverse are no longer together and that she is tired of being asked questions in that regard.

Family Life

Clara Babylegs has not disclosed much information with regards to her family background. There are no specific details about her parents’ names or occupation. There is also no information about possible siblings that the star may have. One cannot really fault Babylegs for hiding some of these personal details, given that invasion of privacy is a real danger, especially now that the internet controls a lot of things. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that her family will be proud of her, seeing all she has managed to achieve at such a young age.

Net Worth

Clara Babylegs’ net worth is still under review and is not yet available. However, there is no doubt that she must be raking in some serious cash. She earns reasonably from her YouTube channel and Instagram, as well as several handsome deals with some companies. She is the official vlogger for a Japanese confectionary company known as Tokyo Treat. She also has promotional deals with Fit Tea; one of the most popular detoxifying tea brands in the world.


Clara Babylegs is of average height and boasts a slim build. Her eye colour is blue while her hair colour varies, depending on whatever colour she chooses to dye it. A perusal of her vlogs and pictures will reveal that her favourite hair colours seem to be blue, pink, as well as turquoise green. Other additional body measurements for the YouTuber are bust size – 36 inches, waist size – 26 inches and hip size – 36 inches.