Chris Christie Wife, Daughter, Son, Family, Weight, Net Worth, Height

Chris Christie is a USA politician who was nominated by President Donald Trump to chair the Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission in 2017. He is a former federal attorney and political commentator who was New Jersey’s 55th governor, and their most unpopular governor in over 20 years. In 2009, he won the Republican primaries for the New Jersey Governorship elections and defeated the Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine in the general election.

He served two terms as Governor of New Jersey. In his first term, he was credited with spending cuts, property tax growth capping, and post-Hurricane Sandy recovery effort. Christie’s credibility was harmed during his second term as governor by the closure scandal of the Fort Lee Road, – a scheme to close down roads leading to the George Washington Bridge to punish Sokolich, a Democrat, for refusing to aid Christie’s campaign for reelection.


Chris Christie was born in Newark, New Jersey on the 6th of September, 1962. Nonetheless, he was raised in Livingston. Christie’s family, of Italian, German, Scottish, and Irish origin, left Newark for Livingston, New Jersey when he was only 5 as a consequence of the 1967 Newark riots. He received his education from Livingston High School, then he moved to Delaware University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He then switched to the Law School at the Seton Hall University.

Chris Christie entered the political scene as a moderate Republican quite early in life. He decided to take a shot at the state assembly in 1995, but he lost heavily. During the United States presidential campaign of 2000, he was a significant fundraiser for George W. Bush. Bush nominated Chris Christie for New Jersey’s United States Attorney after winning the presidential election. Although he had little experience, he recorded 130 convictions, and hence was able to accomplish some measure of success for himself.

Chris Christie went on to run for New Jersey’s 2009 governorship election. He won the election by beating opponent Jon Corzine with a margin of 49 to 45 percent to become New Jersey’s 55th Governor. During his tenure as governor, as was required by the New Jersey Constitution, Christie provided regularly balanced budgets to the state. He claimed to achieve this without increasing taxes.


Chris Christie’s fight with state teachers was one of the most brutal battles he had while in office. Another fight that almost destroyed his administration was the Beachgate scandal in which, when there was a government shutdown on the New Jersey beaches, he was caught in pictures with his family on the beach. There was also the Bridgegate scandal in which he was implicated when he commanded the closing of the road to the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Chris Christie ran foe president of the United States during the 2016 election. He lost the Republican ticket to Donald Trump, who went ahead to win the presidential elections. Christie was referred to as the least famous governor to have ruled the state of New Jersey at the end of his reign. Different scandals and disputes overshadowed his time as a governor and he left office with the worst approval score for any US governor; a mere 17% approval score for his work.

His Family: Wife, Daughter, and Son

Chris Christie married Mary Pat Foster in 1986, a fellow student at Delaware University. They shared a studio apartment in Summit, New Jersey after getting married. There are two sons and two daughters from Chris and Mary named Andrew Christie, Bridget Christie, Patrick Christie, and Sarah Christie. The family lives in Mendham.

Chris Christie’s Net Worth and Salary

Chris Christie did not disclose his earning during his stint as a Governor and currently as a political commentator. However, he was a public servant so the details are available to the general public. He currently has an estimated net worth of about $4 million. He had an annual salary of $175,000. For official purposes, he also got $95,000 per annum allowance. In his first five years as a governor, Chris spent more than $300,000 of public expenditure on meals, alcoholic beverages, and desserts.

Height and Body Measurements

The height of Chris Christie is 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters). He also weighs approximately 136 kg. In 2011, writer Eugene Robinson referred to Chris as “highly obese,” quoting the National Institutes of Health’s medical rules. In February 2013, he underwent lap-band stomach surgery and revealed the surgery in May of that year to the New York Post.