Cheryl Flake: Jeff Flake Wife And Family Facts To Know

Cheryl Flake is known for being the wife of American senator Jeff Flake. She is seen sometimes with her husband and was not famous before marrying him.

Quick Facts: Cheryl Flake: Jeff Flake Wife And Family Facts To Know

NameCheryl Flake
HusbandJeff Flake
ChildrenTanner, Austin, Dallin, Alexis and Ryan
Education Brigham Young University

Many details about Cheryl have not surfaced on the internet, but we want to change that. She got married to Jeff Flake in the year of 1985 and has been going pretty strong. They look delighted in pictures and appear to be quite a romantic couple.

Cheryl met her husband in her college years, and now they are proud parents. According to rumors on the internet, she loves cooking very much and is a good mother. She and her husband share pictures of their son saying how proud they were, and that’s a good parenting job from them. Now, let’s get to know more about Cheryl Flake…

10 Facts On Cheryl Flake

  1. Cheryl Flake looks young, but we don’t really know her age. She hasn’t disclosed details regarding her date of birth.
  2. Cheryl was born in Arizona, the United States of America, and her nationality is American.
  3. Details about her parents are not found on the internet. Flake doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, which is not helpful either.
  4. Flake attended Brigham Young University, where she would meet her future husband. After they dated for a while, Jeff and Cheryl decided to get committed and eventually married each other.
  5. They have 5 children together. Their sons are Tanner, Austin, Dallin, and Ryan and they also have a daughter named Alexis.
  6. Cheryl lives in Mesa, Arizona, and loves her home state very much.
  7. Details about her net worth have not made it to the internet yet.
  8. Flake is a Mormon and very strict about her faith and dedication to the lord.
  9. She is active on social media and has 76 followers on her Instagram page.
  10. Flake likes privacy as her Instagram is private and doesn’t want any limelight on her.