Brandon Hatmaker News: Where Is He Now?

After splitting up with his ex-wife Jen Hatmaker, Brandon Hatmaker has been all over the press. Where is he now? Let’s get to know him a little better.

Brandon Hatmaker is an American novelist, philanthropist, and big supporter of underdogs who is well-known for his work and his ex-wife.

Brandon is known for not supporting corporations and preferring to work for non-profit groups, which he has demonstrated by working for over 20 years.

He was highly searched on the internet after it was believed that he had a girlfriend just a few months after his divorce from Jen Hatmaker.

Gavin, Caleb, Ben, Remy, and Sydney Beth are the five children of the former spouse.

Remy and Ben were adopted from Ethiopia when they were five and eight years old.

Jen talked about how adopting Remy and Ben affected her perspective on racial inequity on TODAY.

Brandon Hatmaker News: Update 2021

Jen Hatmaker recently shared a life update on Instagram, indicating that she has met someone new and reflecting on the obstacles she had in July 2020. However, many people are still curious about her divorce from Brandon.

With her newest Instagram post, the Christian author/podcaster made several of her followers cry.

The former reality TV actress shared a series of photos with her lover on Instagram yesterday, July 11, as they enjoyed their recent trips.

Her long and passionate caption, on the other hand, took center stage. In the last year, the author chronicled her difficult journey through trauma and heartbreak. In July 2020, she reflected on how terrible her life had been.

Many people believe Brandon cheated on Jen, but there is no proof to back up our suspicions.

Where Is Brandon Hatmaker Now?

He is in Austin, Texas, according to his Twitter account. On any social networking outlet, he hasn’t divulged his precise whereabouts.

There is also a rumor that he has resigned from his job, but no confirmation has been given as to why he has resigned.

Is Brandon Hatmaker Married Again?

There is no information regarding his second marriage over the internet.

He does not appear to have a wife at this time. According to speculations, he has already found a partner and moved on after only almost six months since his divorce.

However, there is no definite information about this. According to his social media, he is currently single and concentrating on himself.

But anything may have happened, and we won’t know for sure until formal news about the case is released.

Brandon Hatmaker And Jen Hatmaker Divorce Explored

Jen is currently one of the most popular and respected Christian authors. Her loving family was admired by many of her fans.

As a result, when Jen and Brandon, who had been happily married for 27 years, announced their divorce in 2020, many fans were astonished.

Jen filed for divorce from Brandon in August 2020, after marrying him in 1993. The cause for their split was kept under wraps by the pair. There were no justifications given in the divorce filing as well.

This did not, however, stop the pair’s fans from speculating. As the two proceeded through their divorce, many cheating rumors circulated on the internet.