Betsy Kling – Bio, Salary, Husband (Paul Thomas), Age, Height, Family

Betsy Kling is one lady who has proven that you mustn’t necessarily be an actor or a singer in order to be famous. The award-winning media personality is a consummate weather forecaster as well as the first female chief meteorologist in Cleveland. In a career spanning two decades, Kling has endeared herself to audiences with her lively and engaging personality as well as her accurate and dependable forecasts. Want to know more personal details about this incredible lady? We have got just what you need.

Betsy Kling’s Bio (Age)

Betsy Kling was born on the 3rd of March 1975 in Copley, a town in northeast Ohio. The media personality has not disclosed specific details about her family background. It is however known that her dad is a firefighter while her mom is a seamstress. Kling spent her formative years in Copley and attended the local high school.

While in high school, she often did the morning announcements and found it fun. She, however, did not aspire to make a career out of journalism but rather wanted to become a fourth-grade teacher. This led her to enroll at Bowling Green State University, a school renowned for its education and human development program. During her freshman year at BGSU, Betsy Kling realized that the education thing was not working out for her. She, therefore, changed her major to journalism and subsequently minored in meteorology.

Kling graduated from BGSU in 1997 and commenced her career with WKJG-TV, Fort Wayne, Indiana. She served as a general news reporter on weekdays and as a meteorologist on the weekends. The Copley native increasingly found herself falling in love with meteorology and decided to focus on it. She returned to school, Mississippi State University, and obtained a certification in broadcast meteorology.

Kling later joined WTLV/WJXX TV (Jackson, Florida) as a weather anchor in 2000. This gig lasted for two years and in March 2003, she joined WKYC-TV (Cleveland/Akron area). Betsy Kling has since worked her way up and is now the chief meteorologist at WKYC-TV. She has been integral to the designing and execution of various weather equipment and presentation tools used across the market. She is also regularly tapped to travel to areas threatened by severe weather in order to help other meteorologists.

What’s Her Salary?

Betsy Kling reportedly earns an average salary of between $65,453 to $78,526 per annum. This pay is certainly well-deserved given the numerous accolades that she has received over the years. They include the 2003 Emmy award for team effort news event coverage of the Columbia shuttle tragedy, the 2009 Emmy award for crafts: weather, and the 2012 Emmy award for news: weathercast. The Copley native was also named the best of Cleveland (weather forecaster) by Cleveland Magazine in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Kling also received The Chuck Heaton Award, as well as a special achievement award from the National Weather Association, in 2015.

Family Life With Her Husband Paul Thomas

It is often said that opposites attract but this does not seem to be the case with Kling’s love life. The award-winning meteorologist is married to a fellow journalist, Paul Thomas. Thomas is a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana and started out as a writer for several newspapers including Fort-Wayne Journal-Gazette, Dallas Morning News, The Houston Post, and Cincinnati Enquirer. He has since switched to broadcast journalism and has worked as an anchor/reporter for stations such as Channel 3 News and WKJG-TV.

Kling first met her husband while they were both working at WKJG. They started dating and got married in August 1999. The couple now has two lovely daughters named Josie and Violette. Kling often makes time to embark on adventures with her family despite her busy schedule. One of her favorite things to do with her girls is going out in the rain. During these outings, they frequent places such as the Akron Zoo, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Summit Mall’s Center Court Playground, and The Amish Country.

Betsy also enjoys regular visits to the library where she and her daughters easily spend several hours. Josie and Violette often make regular appearances on their mom’s forecast, most especially during the Christmas period. This has turned into an annual tradition at WKYC.

Height – How Tall is Betsy Kling?

Betsy Kling is 5 feet 11 inches tall and this translates into 1.8 m. Other additional measurements such as weight, chest, hips and waist size are not available. It is however not difficult to see that the media personality has a slim build. Kling’s enviable physique can be attributed to her adventurous nature. She often indulges in outdoor activities such as fishing and playing tennis.