Benjamin Hastings Biography, Age, Hillsong, Songs, Net worth

Who is Benjamin Hastings?

Ben Hastings is a musician, songwriter, and song leader in the popular Australian church Hillsong Church. He is a member of a band owned by the church called Hillsong. Ben has written several popular songs for the band and he is best known for his contribution to So will I(100 BillionX) which he wrote alongside Houston Michael Fatkin.

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Benjamin Hastings Biography

Ben Hastings was born on November 15, 1991, in Northern Ireland and he grew up in Belfast which is close to Melbourne the capital of Australia. His mother is Vivian Hastings but much is not known about his father. He studied at Royal Belfast Academical Institution when he was still in Northern Ireland and after moving to Australia, he furthered his education by Studying at the Hillsong Bible College which is located in Sydney, Australia.

Benjamin Hastings Wife

Ben is married to fellow Hillsong Church member Jessie Hastings and they got married in 2014. They have a daughter together named Juniper Hastings also known as Junie. The couple also has a son named Bellamy Jack T. Hastings.

Benjamin Hastings Family

Ben has a brother named Luke Hastings who is married to Hannah Ivey Hastings and they both reside in Sydney, Australia. Ben alongside his mother and brother all moved to Australia and they all currently reside there.

Benjamin Hastings Songs

Ben is a well-accomplished songwriter and he has co-written songs like So Will I(100 billion X) which has amassed more than 100 million views on Youtube, Seasons, As you find me, Rescuer, Where You are, Captain, Echoes, Highlands, and PEACE.

Benjamin Hastings Hillsong

Hillsong worship band was formed in 1998 and it is under the Hillsong church. Ben has been writing for Hillsong since 2013 and he has also been touring with the band.

Benjamin Hastings Net worth

His net worth is not revealed but he is a worship leader at Hillsong worship church.