Below Deck Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Meet The New Chef Natasha De Bourg On Instagram

Natasha De Bourg is a chef who has worked at Michelin star restaurants after finishing culinary school. She is all set to appear in Bravo TV’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2, where she will be one of the crew members. The show is set to premiere in March 2021.

Natasha attended culinary school in Europe after escaping a difficult and troubled marriage. Bourg is highly skilled and went on the become an executive chef at a top restaurant in France.

Quick Facts: Below Deck Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Meet The New Chef Natasha De Bourg On Instagram

NameNatasha De Bourg
Nationality Trinidadian

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Natasha De Bourg 

  1. The exact age, date of birth, and zodiac sign of Natasha De Bourg have not been revealed yet. By the looks of her pictures, Natasha seems to be in her 30s.
  2. Where is Natasha De Bourg from? Bourg was born and raised in Trinidad. Natasha’s nationality is Trinidadian, but her ethnicity has not been disclosed yet.
  3. Bourg’s job is as a chef, and she has been working for several years. Natasha De Bourg’s net worth, salary, and earnings have not been revealed yet.
  4. Natasha has worked at several Michelin star restaurants with many famous chefs. Bourg joined yachting after she left her job.
  5. Natasha De Bourg has 1.7k followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram bio says she is a personal chef, traveler, island girl, and a traveler.
  6. She does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her yet, but Natasha De Bourg’s bio can be read in a couple of Wiki-bio pages.
  7. Natasha De Bourg is one of Bravo TV’s crew members’ of the hit show Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2. Natasha will be joining as the chef on the hit show, reports Entertainment News.
  8. Bourg lives a very private life and has not disclosed her relationship status or her boyfriend’s name yet.
  9. Talking about her personal life, Natasha’s childhood was tough, and her marriage was troubled.
  10. Natasha has earned the reputation of being headstrong, and she does not get along with the Chief Stew of the show, Daisy.