Aracelis Garcia Aka Celi Garcia: Get To Know Tough As Nails Season 2 Cast

Aracelis Garcia, aka Celi Garcia, is a famous reality television star who describes herself as a dancer, fitness expert, and investor. She is the creator of TwerkingonMyfitness, a fitness Instagram page.

Quick Facts: Aracelis Garcia Aka Celi Garcia: Get To Know Tough As Nails Season 2 Cast

NameAracelis Garcia (Celi Garcia)
Age31 years
ProfessionNurse, Singer, Investor, Dancer, Fitness Expert

According to CBS Magazine, Aracelis is a professional nurse who likes to meditate and work out most of the time. She says that she works up to 12 hours a day, and even after that, she is motivated for another work-out, which seems sensational. 

10 Facts On Aracelis Garcia:

  1. Aracelis Garcia is one of the casts of the recently premiered reality television show named Tough As Nails
  2. Moving on to Aracelis Garcia’s age, she is already 31 years old. However, her birthday details have not yet been publicized.
  3. Moreover, multi-talented Aracelis Garcia also describes herself as a diva, but we are unsure if she has been taking a singing job anywhere.
  4. Well, we can find Aracelis Garcia’s information on CBS rather than on Wikipedia. According to the site, she joined the reality show mainly for the prize of $200 thousand. 
  5. With about 3.7 thousand followers, Aracelis Garcia can be found active on Instagram, where her username is @fitnurse_celi. 
  6. Furthermore, Celi’s social media pictures are enough to speak about her love life. She doesn’t seem to have a husband/boyfriend as she has not mentioned any guy on her Instagram profile.
  7. Talking about her origin, Celi is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
  8. Also, we have found out that she is a prime investor at SPACE Holdings LLC
  9. As she works for almost 12 hours, is a nurse, investor, dancer, singer, and so much more, we are confident that her net worth must be pretty high. 
  10. When Garcia was asked why she competed, she was swift to respond – she is in the show for her family, and we are sure that her story is going to inspire many people.