American Actress Suzzanne Douglas Dies At 64: Her Cause Of Death And Family Details

The Parent ‘Hood actress Suzzanne Douglas recently passed away, but the cause of her death is still a mystery. 

Suzzanne Douglas was an American actress widely recognized for her role in WBC’s sitcom The Parent ‘Hood.

Apart from her role as Jerri Peterson on the mentioned sitcom, Suzzanne has also played severe other roles in movies like The Inkwell, Jason’s Lyric, etc.

Suzzanne was a very consistent and reputed actor in the United States, so the recent declaration of her death has largely affected many people.

Well, after the news, people seem concerned regarding her personal life, which includes her family, wealth, and also the cause of her death.

Suzzanne Douglas Death Cause

The cause of Suzzanne Douglas’s death is still in the void.

Her death was first reported by one of her closest friends Stephanie Perry Moore on her Facebook handle a few hours ago.

She wrote a post in grief and expressed her sadness since losing Suzzanne was a great loss. However, she never mentioned the cause of her death.

Since the news has just started spreading, more details about what happened to her right soon be revealed.

What Is Suzzanne Douglas Net Worth?

Suzzanne Douglas had a net worth of about $1 million.

Since she was a longtime actress known for her famous roles, she certainly had a million dollars net worth.

Suzzanne Douglas Husband And Family: Was She Married?

Suzzanne Douglas was married to her husband, Dr. Roy Jonathan Cobb.

Suzzanne and Roy got married way back in 1989, which is about 32 years ago, and they were together until her death recently.

Also, Suzzanne and Dr. Roy have a child together, but there is not much detailed information regarding the child.

Hence, her family consisted of her husband and her child.

Follow Suzzanne Douglas On Instagram

Suzzanne Douglas was on Instagram under the username @suzzannedouglas.

She had over 4500 followers. After the news of her death, people are commenting and giving their deepest condolences for Suzzanne’s death on her Instagram posts.