Alana McLaughlin Wikipedia Transgender: Facts To Know About The MMA Fighter

Alana McLaughlin, despite being her achievement, has not been featured on Wikipedia as of now. Let us find out more about the NMA fighter. 

Alana McLaughlin is an MMA fighter.

She recently won her debut at the Combat Global prelims, where she used a rear-naked choke against Celine Provost to win the match 3 minutes, 32 seconds into the second round.

As a matter of fact, she is the second transgender athlete to compete in NMA in American since 2014.

Alana McLaughlin Wikipedia

Alana McLaughlin has not been featured on Wikipedia as of now.

38-years old, Alana has lived 33 years of her life as a man. Prior to her gender transition, her name was Alan Mclughin.

She was a former special forces soldier. She joined US Army in 2003, where she trained professionally and was part of 12 elite men dispatched to Afghanistan in 2007.

Further, she was awarded eight service medals for serving her country.

Subsequently, she moved to North and completed her fine arts degree at UNC Ashville in 2015. She then moved to Portland.

In 2016, she grabbed the opportunity she got to surgically transition.

She also fought and beat a biological woman Celine Provost after years of training and testing her hormones level.

In addition, Alana is also active on social media handles such as Instagram and Twitter.

She has amassed 4k followers and 740 posts so far.

Alana McLaughlin Weight & Height Revealed

Alana Mchlaughlic has not revealed her exact height and weight as of now.

However, judging from her picture, she seems to stand at least 6ft tall.

Despite her transition, she still has a biological advantage. Moreover, being an ex-green beret, her strength is beyond a typical male.

Is Alana McLaughlin Transgender? 

According to multiple sources, Alana McLaughlin is Transgender.

She was assigned male at birth, but gender reassignment was something Alana always wanted to do from a very young age.

However, her fanatically religious family was against it.  In 2016, after leaving the US Army special forces, she went through a surgical transition.

There were many thoughts on Alana’s transition. Twitter users argued that Alana’s strength is beyond a typical male and therefore is not right competing in NMA in the women’s division.