Justin Siegel – Bio, Net Worth and Facts About Emmy Rossum’s Husband

When it comes to fame, sometimes it is not so much who you are and what you do, as it is who you know. There are plenty of accomplished men and women in various professions whose claim to fame resides on their present or past relationships with a famous personality. In this category is Justin Siegel, a known music producer and internet entrepreneur who is popular for his marriage to Emmy Rossum.

Justin Siegel has spent a couple of years in the spotlight and despite the high level of attention that has come as a result of his relationship status, several details of his life still remain a mystery to members of the press and curious fans.

In this article, we explore everything we know so far about Justin Siegel and his relationship with Emmy Rossum. Read on to learn more.

Justin Siegel’s Biography

On the 25th of August, 1981, Justin Siegel was born in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton in Florida, where he was also raised. Much of his childhood background is unknown but an early interest in music production led him to Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is believed to have earned his bachelor’s degree in sociology. Justin Siegel also attended the University of Massachusetts where he graduated with a master’s degree in French Literature.

Following the completion of his academic journey, Justin Siegel is believed to have spent the early days of his professional career as a producer and a writer for a local ABC News affiliate. He is known to have also worked for NBC News. Justin is also believed to have worked for entities like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and AT&T Wireless.

His cross over to entertainment was with SkyZone Entertainment when he joined the company as Vice President.

Justin Siegel, apart from his work in entertainment, is also known to be an investor and an entrepreneur, who has established three companies, Jnj Mobile Inc, Mocospace and JSmart Technologies. He is also known to be a founder and managing partner of ATX Angel, LLC.

Net Worth

With three businesses to his name and what appears to be a successful career as a music producer, Justin Siegel has been able to build a total net worth of $10 million that has ensured his ability to live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

It is believed that the bulk of his net worth comes from his entrepreneurial ventures.

Justin Siegel’s Relationship With Emmy Rossum

It is not news that a few celebrities get married in secret. Some do not enjoy the attention of a lavish and well-publicized wedding, but very few go on as to pretend to be dating to the public long after they have gotten married like Justin Siegel and Emmy Rossum.

Emmy Rossum, who is a singer as well as being an actress, is believed to have met Justin Siegel through her work, due to the absence of specifics on how they met. The mystery of their relationship did not stop at the beginnings of their relationship but also continued well into when they started dating and their eventual marriage.

For a majority of their time together, Justin Siegel and Emmy Rossum disclosed to the press that they were simply dating and their true marital status was not revealed until the couple applied for a divorce in 2010, which revealed that the couple had been married since 2008 and had been in a relationship since 2007.

The circumstances that led to their divorce remain unknown but since the divorce, both parties, who shared no children during their time together, have moved on to other partners.

Emmy Rossum has moved on to a public relationship with Sam Esmail, a director and a writer known for the show, Mr. Robot. The couple began dating in 2013 and got married in May 2017 after two years of engagement.

As for Justin Siegel himself, he is known to have remarried but has continued to maintain the secrecy that characterized his time with Emmy Rossum.

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Other Facts About Emmy Rossum’s Husband

He has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a bodyweight of 59kg. Additionally, Justin Siegel has hazel colored eyes and black hair.

His ex-wife, Emmy Rossum suffers from celiac disease.

His long professional resume also includes time spent as a mentor and advisor for Boston Seed Capital.