Is Adele Retired, Why Did She Stop Singing and Will She Ever Tour Again?

In 2008, Adele shook the world and took the music industry by storm with her debut album, 19. When we thought her music couldn’t get any better, she surprised everyone once again with the release of her sophomore album, 21, in 2011. If she wasn’t a superstar before then, 21 guaranteed that she became one. The British singer is known for being the kind of celebrity who has no idea how to deal with fame and would rather not be caught up in it. She always stays quiet about her work in between album cycles, and this quirky habit of hers has left fans wondering about the future of the star. So, is Adele retired for real or is she just toying with our emotions?

Is Adele Retired?

The Grammy Award-winning artist is one of the best-selling musicians of all time thanks to having over 100 million records sold worldwide. Adele has blessed us with many deeply emotional hit songs such as her record-breaking single Hello, Someone Like You, Rumour Has It, Turning Tables, Don’t you Remember, and Chasing Pavements amongst others. She is one of those rare musicians who do not have a single bad song in their discography.

The summer of 2017 saw Adele back out of the last two performances of her tour. At the time, the singer suggested that those were going to be her final performances, a proclamation that left her fans feeling shattered, disappointed, and left with all sorts of questions.

Since the release of her last album, 25 in 2015, Adele has been focused on raising her son and family, far away from the pressures and demands of fame. Recently, the singer has been going through a difficult period in her personal life and has had to deal with a number of issues including separating from her husband Simon Konecki.

On her birthday earlier this year, Adele took to Instagram to share an inspiring post in which she teased that she would be releasing a new album, and it will be “a drum and bass record” just to spite her fans and the grueling year she has had.

From the look of things, the singer will be returning to top the music charts soon. Trusted sources have reported that Adele has returned to her London home to write new music for an upcoming album. In the same vein, a few musicians have already been approached to collaborate with her on the new project.

Although Adele tends to write most of her songs herself, she might be enlisting the help of some of the best music writers in the business to help pen songs for a new album. Going by these facts, it appears the answer to “is Adele retired?” is no, and we couldn’t be happier.

Why Did She Stop Singing?

Adele hasn’t put out any new music since 2015 when her last album dropped although she spent the next two years on the road touring and delivering mind-blowing live performances across Europe, North America, United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

Her final four shows were scheduled to hold in London to round up the tour, but Adele called it quits with two shows to go after she suffered a vocal cord hemorrhage. The injury left her unable to sing until it was properly healed to keep from permanently damaging her voice.

Will Adele Ever Tour Again?

The Someone Like You crooner told her fans in 2017 that she might never tour again because touring just wasn’t something she was good at. According to her, getting applause makes her feel vulnerable and the only reason she did it was because of her fans. She wanted her performances to impact people the way she has been profoundly affected by watching some of her favorite artists perform live.

However, it seems that Adele is serious about never touring again as she closed down her touring company Remedy Touring LLP at the beginning of this year. She filed for a declaration of solvency to have the company put into voluntary liquidation, an act which indicates she has no intention of doing live shows in the future.

While she may never tour again, this does not mean Adele retired from music altogether. The star has assured her fans that she will always write music and always keep releasing them as long as they are there to listen.