10 Nasty Challenges of Being a Sex Teacher

Teaching about sex can be interesting but at the same time the most challenging issue to tackle successfully. Whether you are a teacher to teenagers or older people, it will take a lot of courage, patience and understanding to deal with sex-related issues as human beings are wired to be curious and exploratory. Below is 10 challenges of being a sex teacher.

1. You Will Always Be on Top of the Critic’s List

Sex is one of those topics that receive most attention from everyone whenever mentioned. With such attention, not everyone will agree with you and not everyone will think what you are trying to teach is important or helpful to somebody somewhere. When people who do not like what you are doing/teaching decide to voice their opinions, then you will be the topic of the day; you will be critisized in every way possible.

2. As a Sex Teacher, You Will be Frequently Misjudged

Nobody likes to be misjudged but if you are a sex teacher or planning to be one, learning how to cope with being judged all the time might come in handy. A sex teacher’s life and in particular his/her sex life is and will always be under scrutiny from the public. People will judge you for all the sex-related choices you make whether in or out of the classroom.

3. Training and Exposure

To be a sex teacher, you have to learn a lot about sex as well as get exposed. How do you achieve this without attracting unwanted scrutiny and attention? The world is growing fast and every single day there are discoveries including sexual ones. As a sex teacher, you will need to be a step ahead of your students and this means being aware of all the upcoming discoveries related to sex. The main challenge in this case is, how do you stay a step ahead?

4. Lack of Suitable Space and Time for the Role of Sex Teachers

Who does not want to be appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work? As a sex teacher however, appreciation and acknowledgement are some of the luxuries you might have to do without. Sex is an important topic in life but not everyone feels the same. Space and time for effective learning might also not be created and so the teacher may need to find ways to achieve as much as possible in the little available time or work a plan to create more time.

5. Lack of Trust or Belief in Sex Teachers by Learners

As a sex student, to be able to open up and share about anything in a sex class, a lot of trust and belief will be involved. Now, as a sex teacher, how do I earn that trust? It is a main and very serious challenge

6. Solving Personality Differences

Every one of us has a personality that is different from the other persons. With these differences come disagreements that if not well resolved

might cause so many problems. Similarly, different personalities have different feelings and opinions about sex. As a sex teacher, it is and will always be your duty to bring these personalities including that of yours to a common understanding.

7. Dealing with Disruptive, Rude and Argumentative Students

Being a teacher in any other field, these kind of vices are a ticket to punishment or even getting thrown out of class. With sex education however, things are a bit different. A sex class is one of the classes where the teacher has to accommodate almost all kinds of behaviours as they are believed to be triggered by the sex topic. This is where courage, patience and understanding in being a sex teacher comes in

8. Outside Class dilemma

Imagine a world where you have to choose what to do, who to talk to and even what to say at all times. This is the kind of dilemma sex teachers have to live with everyday.

9. Less/ Poorer Pay as Compared to Teaching in the Other Fields

Sex teaching is not considered a serious profession like others on so many levels. This is equally reflected on the paychecks.

10. Sex Teachers are Vulnerable to Physical and Even Emotional Abuse.

The sex topic is surrounded by almost every human aspect. This is inclusive of cultures and religions, which makes sex a dangerous ground to tread on. Sex teachers have in some incidents been subjected to physical harm due to addressing certain sexual matters to certain groups of people