Borno Hotel, Zaria

Like most of our favorite hotels in the north, Borno Hotel in sunny Zaria, is a powdered yellow and white haven. Accommodation options range from rooms to suites and the hotel offers complementary internet access. Along with well-sized beds and pressed sheets, rooms have air conditioning, a comfy armchair, center table, mirror, refrigerator, television and a relaxing ambience. Suites are tiled and have a center rug for that luxurious touch and tasteful setting. 24 hour electricity is assured and there is a bar/lounge for drinks and socializing. Security guards are on tap and there’s a beyond adequate parking space complete with a parking garage for added security of vehicles.

Borno Hotel is an affordable hotel in Zaria, Kaduna.


Borno Hotel

7 maradona Road Off Rabah Road Angwan Sarki G.R.A