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IntroBrazilian footballer
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Football player 
Association football player 
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From Brazil 
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Birth 7 May 1976, Selbach, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Age:44 years

Paulo Roberto Junges, more known as Gauchinho (born 7 May 1976) is a Brazilian football striker. His best performance as a striker came in 1999 while playing for Cerro Porteño, as he was the top scorer for the Copa Libertadores 1999 of the same year with 6 goals and the Paraguayan 1st Division topscorer with 22 goals.

Today defends the colors of Treze club of soccer of the city of Campina Grande in the State of Paraiba, in Brazilian championship of 2009 Series D


German Son of descendants was born in small Selbach situated in the North of the State of Rio Grande Do Sul, in day 7 May 1976.


Paulo Roberto Junges, or simply Gauchinho for the Selbachenses, always had as passion to play soccer and as dream to defend the colors of a great teams. It did not measure efforts for the accomplishment of this dream. “Since the four years, it did not change the ball for nothing” as its Ilária mother said. In 1991 to the 15 years the dream of if becoming a football player started to materialize. It passed for the tests played in children-youth of Sport Club Internacional of Porto Alegre where he played for more than a year. In the year of 1992 moved to Tuna Luso of the city of Belém of the State of Pará, where he played in the basic categories by the year 1995 when awakened interest of big clubs in Brazil. It was loaned to São Paulo to participate in the tournament Copa São Paulo de Juniores. The technical team of junior, Dario Pereyra was with the team ready, so he had no chance to play, returned to the home club and signed the first professional contract.

Professional career

Gauchinho began work as a professional for 20 years when it belonged to the cast of junior, in Brazilian championship of 1996 – Series B at the time was called the Second Division defending Tuna Luso of Belém in 3 games and scored 5 goals. In 1997 his contract was negotiated the entrepreneur Sergio Malucelli Luiz and transferred to Iraty Sport Club of the State of Paraná. This year disputed the Regional Championship of the State of Paraná, and was the highlight of this team. The success earned him a transfer to the team of Paraná – PR for the dispute of Brazilian championship of soccer 1997 – Series A. Playing by the Paraná Club scored 12 goals, almost half of the 30 goals marked by the team this year in the Brazilian Championship of Soccer of the Series A. In 1998 it transferred to the staff of team XV November of the City Piracicaba in the State of São Paulo. disputed for this team Brazilian championship of 1998 – Series B. It was the greatest striker of the competition with 16 goals. In 1999 Gauchinho has achieved an old dream, to participate of an international championship. For Cerro Porteno of Paraguay, participated and got great success in Copa Libertadores 1999, was one of the highlights of this competition and ballers up with 6 goals. Beyond the excellent participation in the Copa Libertadores 1999 . Was champion of the Clausura Tournament – National Championship in Paraguay in 1999. It was the greatest striker of the tournament with 14 goals, greatest striker Apertura Tournament that same year with 12 goals. That year was also the South American tournament for clubs and made 1 goal. In 2000 it had its bigger jump in the career, when defended Gremio – RS, however disputed with Ronaldinho Gaúcho a vacant in the attack, did not have great chances and finished leaving. In 2001 played in four major football clubs of Brazil. Started in Atletico – PR after few games was to dispute Regional Championship of the State São Paulo, for Botafogo – SP which has important and decisive goals that led the team to end the tournament won by Corinthians. Then be transferred to the Goiás – GO with the purpose of dispute Brazilian championship of Soccer of 2001 – Series A. after the first round was transferred to the Avaí – SC, with great performances made 12 goals and was successful in the qualifying stage leading his team to contest the final of the quadrangular. In 2002, he played for teams Internacional – SP and America – RN. In 2003 it ventured back into international football in the playing Cruz Azul in Mexico after a good start suffered a fractured cheekbone in a scrum had surgery that kept him out of action for months. In 2004 already recovered, he returned to Paraguay to the dispute national championship from this time defending team of the Guaraní. In 2005, he returned to Brazil to play for Union Barbarense – SP. In Brazilian championship of 2005 – Series B.. In the year of 2006 was for Colombia, disputed the national championship for the team of Deportes Tolima. In biennium 2007 and 2008 it returned to Brazil to play at Luverdense team of the city of Lucas do Rio Verde located in the north of the State of Mato Grosso and enough and only two years to become the greatest striker of all the history of Luverdense with 44 goals in only 54 games of this total 9 goals acting in games of Brazilian championship of 2008 – Series C.

In this year of 2009 participated of the Regional Championship Fubebol the State of Mato Grosso, defending the colors of Sinop – MT, was the highlight and gunner of the team, participated in only 8 games and still has the third largest artillerist competition with 6, only two less than the maximum gunner. Participated in 6 games of the Brazilian championship of 2009 – Series D has 3 goals by acting Treze the team did not get the points needed to pass the next stage was in third place in the group and was eliminated.

Now is preparing to act in Paraiba state tournament in 2009 defending the colors of the Treze


Artilleryman of the Championship Paraense de Futebol juniores in the year of 1995 with 14 goals for Tuna Luso.

Artilleryman of the Brazilian Championship of soccer 1998 Series – B with 16 goals for XV Nov. Piracicaba – SP.

Artilleryman of the Match Apertura – national championship of the Paraguay of 1999 with 14 goals for Cerro Porteno.

Artilleryman of the Match Clausura – national championship of the Paraguay of 1999 with 16 goals for Cerro Porteno.

Artilleryman of Copa Libertadores with 6 goals for Cerro Porteno – of Paraguay