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Football player 
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From Nigeria 
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Birth 21 January 1953, Ljubljana
Age:67 years

Ivo von Sajh-Scheich (born on 21 January 1953 in Ljubljana), is a Slovenian and Yugoslavian former football player who last worked as head coach of Kano Pillars F.C.


He played for ND Slovan on youthside from 1965 until injury and knee surgery in youth championship ended his professional career in 1971. One year later in 1972 played only Indoor football until 1986.

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Coaching career

Sajh began his coaching career in 1978 for FC Dobrova who was Vice-Champion in the season 1978/1979. He was then from 1992 to 1993 Technical advisor for FC Asmaral. In 1994, he returned to Slovenia and signed for FC Potrosnik Beltinci. In his time with FC Potrosnik Beltinci he coached the team to 6th place of the PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije, the best result in the history of the Club.

Before his work on position Technical Director/ National Coach of all Indian National Teams he issued a book “Technical- Tactical preparation of Footballer and Technical- Tactical preparation of the Team.

During his work with Myanmar Football Federation in the years 2000/ 2001 he lost only one Match.

In the year 2001 he prepared a six- years Development Program for Asian Football Confederation. In the same period in Asia he prepared and guided Coaching seminar for their local Coaches.

In the season 2001/2002 he took over Al Tahaddi from Benghazi Libya and played with them in CAF Confederation Cup but unfortunately the Club from Morocco eliminated them.

In the year 2005 he was in charge of Romania Club FCM Targoviste where for more than three months he did not lose any League or Cup match.

In the year 2008 with Libyan side FC Olympic from Al Zawiyah he did not lost any League and Cup Match.

FIFA awarded him for his contribution for Development of Football in Asia and his native Country Slovenia.

In the year 2009 he brought his ex Club Kano Pillars Football Club to semifinal of African Champions League. After elimination of Al Ahly from Cairo in 3.rd Round the fans of Kano Pillars called him “Wining Coach”. In the same year African media named him for the best African Football Coach.


In the year 2013 FIFA has confirmed that he is a “Father of Idea” for “FIFA Confederation Cup”.

After a study abroad in February 2015 Ministry for Science, Education and Sport of Slovenia gave him a title High Graduated Football Coach Specialist Magister and he had the all rights to continue his study and become “Doctor of (Footballing) Science”.


Since the year 2010 to the year 2015 he studied how to improve the football game with new system and he have prepared material for his new book.

He is the first Coach on whole World who found a new playing system ( in defense 1-2-2-1-1-1-2, in attack 2-2-2-1-3). Mentioned system could play only the Teams with an excellent skills. This system he named Fan what means in his native Country language “Pahljača”.


In December 28, 2013 he have prepared the new system for FIFA World Cup with 4o Teams in eight groups with five National Teams in Final Stage. Anyway FIFA Council Members in January 10, 2017 have decided that from the year 2026 World Cup Final will be in format of 48 National Teams.

He is certified PRO Licensed Coach.


  • 1979: Vice Champion in the Slovenian Regional League
  • 2009: Semifinalist in CAF Champions League