Enzo Camporeale’s biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

IntroItalian composer, musician, pianist, and arranger
Is Musician 
From Italy 
Type Music 
Birth 27 July 1966
Age:54 years
Star sign Leo

Enzo (Vincenzo) Camporeale (born July 27, 1966 in Giovinazzo (Ba), Italy) is an Italian composer, musician, pianist, and arranger.
In 1998 he graduated in piano, band instrumentation, Composition and Conducting at the Conservatory TITO SCHIPA of Lecce, Niccolò Piccinini (Ba) and Umberto Giordano (Fg). From High school in the direction of the orchestra at the Conservatory of Foggia in 1998 graduated from high school in equipment for Bari at the Conservatory “NICCOLO PICCINNI” in Bari in 1999 Graduated in composition at the Conservatory of Lecce in 2000
Enzo Camporeale is currently working at the “ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DI DANZA” in Rome as a Pianist.

Life and career

Early years

1972 Six years participate in the regional finals of the Zecchino D’oro, placing second as a singer.

1977 at the age of eleven he won the regional competition in a radio broadcast at the piano performing “Honky Tonk Train Blues”, a song made famous by the celebrated pianist Keith Emerson.

1990 he becomes the Maestro of Sostituto and the Pianist in the “Italian Company of Operettas” operated Franco Barbero and Nadia Furlon.

1992 he becomes a pianist of Companion close to the “L’ENTE ARTISTICO TEATRO PETRUZZELLI” of Bari for the seasons of work.

1992 it works in the Italian TV company RAI “Partita Doppia” presented by Pippo Baudo Cinecittà (Rome) in 1992. In fact, his performances on the piano, have said as Concert Pianist.


He lent the music for the documentary film “Sopra i tetti” which contains a letter written by Pope John Paul II for youth of all nations.

2000 the research conducted in conservatory “Tito Squipa” in Lecce led him to big recognition. Really his composition of “SECRETUM” was executed in June, 2000 with a symphonic orchestra Lecce in Politeama Greco Lecce and the maestro of Massimiliano Karlini.

2001 he played numerous concerts, executed in August and the International festival of classical music in Santa Fyora, Grosseto.

2002-2008 he composed music for the next movie «ARIAMARA», «QUARTIERINO», «I FURBI DEL QUARTIERINO», «MISTERI E SEGRETI DI CASTEL DEL MONTE».

On 8 December 2009, Enzo Camporeale was invited to broadcast RAI “Porta A Porta” were sings the song on the piano “ASPETTANDO IL BLU” devoted for case with Raffaele Solechito (he was found guilty of murder at partnership young American Amanda Knox the girl in well-known murder in Perugia). The case of Raffaele Solechito has public resonance in Italy.

He made several concerts. It’s no doubt be remembered the concert performed in August 2001 during the International Festival of Classical Music, held in Santa Fiora (GR).

Work in a cinema

  • Film documentary “SOPRA I TETTI”. He has composed music, Italy, in 1992.
  • Film “LARIAMARA” the fictions “I FURBI DEL QUARTIERINO”, He has composed music, Italy, in 2005.
  • Film documentary “MISTERI E SEGRETI DI CASTEL DEL MONTE”. He has composed music, Italy, in 2008.
  • Film “L’ULTIMA SPIAGGIA”. He has composed music, Italy, in 2010.


  • MUSICA VITA EST (2000)

Composition “SECRETUM” is enclosed in a CD that collects 8 songs of music by contemporary authors and titled “VIETATO FARSI TRAINARE” on verses of the great poet italo American Joseph Tusiani.


CD is included “TRILOGY”, 3 compositions that represent in music the songs of the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri (Hell-Purgatory-Paradise).

  • CIAK SI DANZA (2015)