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IntroAmerican musician
Is Musician 
From United States of America 
Type Music 
Birth 9 March 1970
Age:50 years

Duke Decter is an American hardcore punk guitarist and entertainer, and currently the Producer of the podcast series “The Proving Ground with Tank Abbott.”


Decter started his career at 15 years of age in the South Florida hardcore punk band “F”. F was most notable for releasing the first Florida hardcore punk 12″ vinyl record, a six-song EP entitled “You Are An E.P.” The band toured with The Ramones in 1988. F was featured on several compilation album releases including ‘Flipside’s Vinyl Fanzine #1’ including notable punk acts the Misfits, the Germs, Agent Orange, and The Necros.

In c.1986, Decter joined Disorderly Conduct, a metal-edged punk band also from South Florida featuring Casey Chaos. Disorderly Conduct released a full-length album entitled “AMEN.” Decter was voted “best new hardcore guitarist” in the fanzine Famous Hardcore Of Punkland

Disorderly Conduct became Amen in Los Angeles, with Casey Chaos as their frontman. Subsequently, Decter joined the Ex-Idols (band), who in 1995 toured with English punk band the UK Subs. In 1998 the Ex-Idols were dropped from their label and Decter joined Skold, the solo project of Tim Skold, now Marilyn Manson, songwriter and bassist. Skold toured the U.S. Decter and Skold were featured in In God’s Hands, a fictional surf film directed by Zalman King

In 2000, Decter toured and played in other various bands including Drown and Diatribe, and in 2004 rejoined Casey Chaos in his band Amen. In 2006 the band recorded a performance for The Henry Rollins Show. It became the first act on the show to have material edited out by the IFC Channel. This was done in response to political death threats. In 2007 the edited version of the performance was broadcast internationally, showing the band performing “Coma America” and “Liberation”. A third song, “Another Planet”, was only shown on the IFC website.

In 2007 Amen co-headlined the “Damnation Festival” – a metal based rock festival in the UK and toured Scotland, Ireland, and the UK.

In 2014, thirty years after the debut of Decter’s S.Florida band F, the band was voted one of Miami’s Best Hardcore Bands of All Time (Miami New Times). 2014 also saw the release of a 4-song 7″ vinyl record on Jailhouse Records entitled “Land Of Treason” which included 2 new songs recorded in 2012 by a re-united F and 2 songs by Decter’s newly created solo project “Duke Decter Army.” On October 25, Amen re-united to play at the 2014 Knotfest Festival and debuted a new song accompanied by Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga. The song was one of several new songs recorded by Ross Robinson with Amen and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo for an upcoming 4th Amen album release.


Albums and EPs

  • 1985 – F “You Are An E.P.” (Intendo Distorto)
  • 1986 – Disorderly Conduct “Amen” (Dirge Records)
  • 1986 – F “Peace” (Starving Missile) Split album w/ White Flag
  • 1991 – Amen “Slave” (Dragula Records)
  • 1994 – The Ex-Idols “Social Kill” Relativity Records Sony Music Entertainment full-length CD; the single and video “Go Away” written by Decter.
  • 2000 – The Ex-Idols “WhoWeAre” on Relativity Records Sony Music Entertainment unreleased due to death/suicide of singer Gary Finneran.
  • 2008 – F “You Are An EP/Mess You Up” 20th Anniversary edition vinyl re-release (PNV Records)
  • 2010 – F “The Complete Discography” 2 Disc CD (Punk Records Int’l)
  • 2013 – F “Burn The World Into Ashes And Sweep It Under The Kitchen Rug” (Punk Records Int’l)

Singles and EPs

  • 1988 – F “Mess You Up” E.P. Mystic Records – Includes guest appearance by eccentric 1960s recording artist Tiny Tim.
  • 1994 – The Ex-Idols “Pill Popper” Relativity Records Sony Music Entertainment
  • 2014 – F / Duke Decter Army “None Dare Call It Treason” (Jailhouse Records/Foolios)

Compilation album appearances

  • 1985 – (F) Flipside Vinyl Fanzine 1 (Gasatanka Records)
  • 1986 – (Disorderly Conduct) Flipside Vinyl Fanzine 2 (Gasatanka Records)
  • 1987 – (F) Four Bands That Could Change The World (Gasatanka Records)
  • 1988 – (F) Five Bands That Have Changed The World (Funhouse Records)
  • 1998 – (F) Killed By Florida (La Republica)
  • 1999 – (F) Maximum Rock N Roll’s “Tim Yohannan Dedication” (Maximum RnR)
  • 2012 – (F) “The Yellow Corn Boy” track on “What Have We Wrought? A Mike Atta Benefit Compilation” double album vinyl on Burger Records featuring notable punk groups The Circle Jerks, NOFX, the Germs, the Adolescents, The Meatmen, 7 Seconds (band)

Guest appearances

  • 1986 – White Flag “Feeding Frenzy” (Bootleg Records)
  • 1998 – In God’s Hands (film) (Zalman King, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) DVD w/ Tim Skold

Appearances in books

  • 2001 – American Hardcore – A Tribal History (Steven Blush, Feral House) p. 312
  • 2001 – Amped: Notes From A Go-Nowhere Punk Band (John Resh, Viper Press) p. 56
  • 2011 – Live… Suburbia (Max Morton, Powerhouse Books) – various photos and mentions throughout