Keffi Postal / Zip Code – Lagos City

Keffi is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. Take note that it is different from Keffi in Nasarawa State.

Here are the streets within keffi and their postcodes:

Location  Postcode
Obalende Rd St.101232
Nojeem Maiyegun Rd St.101232
Ayeniya St St.101232
Odo St St.101232
Leshin St St.101232
Moshalashi St St.101232
Toyan St St.101232
Dodan Barracks. St.101232
Keffi St101232
Lalupon Cl St.101232
Odo-Ogun Cl St.101232
Biaduo St St.101232
Manuwa St St.101232
Okirika Cl St.101232
Awozowo Rd St.101232
Ademola St St.101232
Obadeyi St St.101232
Saint Gregory Rd St.101232
Eko Akete Cl St.101232
Police Woman Barack St.101232
Ikoyi Rd St.101232