Yodit Yemane – Bio, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Family Facts

Yodit Yemane is one of those celebrities who have taken advantage of the social media sphere in this digital era and are cashing out on the internet. Endowed with alluring looks, the gorgeous model kicked off a career in showbiz from an early age and is now considered one of the hottest in the fashion industry. Find out lesser-known facts about the model, internet sensation, and TV personality here.

Yodit Yemane – Bio, Age

A Floridian, Yodit Yemane from Boca Raton was born on June 23, 1997. Yodit’s journey to fame can be traced back to her teenage days. For her academic records, the model apparently had the basic formal education although the name of the schools she attended have not been disclosed. More so, it is uncertain if Yodit eventually finished her high school education before pursuing a career in modeling. It is also unknown if she later went to college or has plans of doing so in the near future.

Endowed with alluring looks, Yodit Yemane’s first modeling gig dates back to high school. It was while still a student and a blossoming young lady that she kicked off her career in showbiz as a fashion model. But the gorgeous model also wears other caps including brand influencer and TV personality. As a brand influencer, Yodit who has amassed a huge following on social media, particularly on Instagram, has worked in partnership with top online fashion retail brands such as PrettyLittleThing and Fashion Nova.

The stunning Floridian has also enjoyed lucrative endorsements as an ambassador for several online cosmetic brands including Sorella Boutique, Industry LOCs Hair, Dollhouse London, Hair Are Us, Busted Brand, and DEE & LAHNI, among others. Conscious of the power of social media and its endless opportunities, Yodit Yemane continues to engage her over one million Instagram followers with cognate fashion posts and other creative content.

As a TV personality, Yodit Yemane has appeared on Nick Cannon‘s improv series Wild ‘N Out, which was aired on MTV. More so, the model conspicuously featured as a video vixen in the song Move To L.A by Tyga.

Net Worth

Yodit Yemane’s numerous endeavors as a fashion model, an internet star and brand influencer have undoubtedly earned her fame as well as financial rewards. While the model’s exact salary/earnings and net worth have not been disclosed, we do know that she has a decent financial portfolio and can afford to lead a comfortable life.

Yodit Yemane – Family Facts

Yodit Yemane is apparently one of those celebrities who love to separate their professional and personal lives, choosing to keep the latter under wraps. While there is information readily available about Yemane’s career endeavors, the same can’t be said of her personal life. Little or nothing is known about her early life before fame. Besides the fact that Yodit is of Eritrean descent and was raised in her hometown of Boca Raton, details regarding her parents, siblings, and family background have not been made public knowledge.


Yodit Yemane has consciously kept most details of her love life private especially in her early career days. Thus her dating history is unknown to the public. Nonetheless, we do know that she has never been married nor does she have any kids…at least not yet! Given the unending curiosity about her love life and relationship status, Yodit decided to gratify her fans with some information in 2016. On her social media page, the model revealed that she was in a relationship with a guy simply identified as Jake, who is also an internet star. Besides the fact that the pair became an item in March that same year, there is nothing else known about their relationship. So far, both parties have done a good job at keeping their romance under the radar, thus it remains unknown if they are still together or not. However, since then, Yemane who lives in Los Angeles, California has not been romantically linked to any other guy, it is safe to say she and Jake are still an item and waxing strong.


Yodit Yemane has an alluring physique. Notably are her curves, hour-glass shape, sharp jawline, full lips, and high cheekbones which could hardly go unnoticed. The aesthetically endowed model may not be one of your tallest nor shortest favorites. Though her height in pictures and in real life is often augmented by heels, Yemane is actually 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 57 kg. Her other body measurements are bust – 34 inches, waist – 24 inches, and hips – 38 inches.