Who Were The Members Of 4minute And What Happened To Them?

The South Korean group 4minute debuted in 2009 with their EP Hot Issue. Formed by Cube Entertainment, 4Minute members had built up a wide fandom amongst both genders. With the global popularity of hits like What’s Your Name? (2013), Whatcha Doin’ Today’ (2014) and Crazy in 2015, 4minute created their edgy dance-pop style. Hate, the lead song off 4Minute’s album, Act. 7, led to numerous cover dance videos by fans. These videos posted on YouTube raised the recognition of K-pop dance among global pop and dance lovers.

4minute had its 10th anniversary on June 18, 2019, following its Hot Issue debut on Mnet’s M! Countdown. On that day, some of the members got together to celebrate. Ex-member Sohyun posted a photo of herself on Instagram, comparing herself at the age of 16 (when she debuted) and 26. Jiyoon posted a video with Sohyun and Gayoon on her own Instagram. Gayoon also shared photos and they all thanked fans.

Who Were the Members of 4minute?


Born on January 9, 1990, Jihyun studied at Sangmyung University and has a degree in Contemporary Ballet. She is able to speak Japanese. After only 6 months of being a trainee, she joined 4minute as a member and leader. The leader of 4Minute first signed with Artist Company and changed her name from Nam Ji-Hyun to Son Ji-Hyun after 4minute disbanded. She posted a heartfelt letter to her fans explaining her decision and saying that she will work as hard as she can as Son Ji-Hyun.


Gayoon was born Heo Ga-Yoon on May 18, 1990. She was one of 4minute’s members and part of the 2YOON subunit. In her free time, she likes to write lyrics. Gayoon appeared in the MBC series, Light and Shadow. She signed an agreement as an actress with BS Group and made her acting debut with the movie Daddy You, Daughter Me. Since 2016, however, she has not acted in any drama but has collaborated with Bae Doona, Song Kang-Ho, and Jo Jung-Suk on a movie called Drug King.


Jiyoon was born Jeon Ji-Yoon on October 15, 1990. She studied at Kyung Hee University and is a Post-Modern Music major. She can speak both Japanese and English. Jiyoon was one of 4minute’s members and part of the subunit duo 2YOON. She debuted as a solo artist under the stage name Jenyer with her single I Do on November 2, 2016. Jiyoon also released a collaboration single with Samuel Seo titled Cliché.


Sohyun was also another 4minute member who shifted to acting after 4minute disbanded. Born Kwon So-Hyun on August 30, 1994, she acted in child roles in the dramas Jewel in the Palace and Lovers in Paris before she debuted as a member of 4Minute. Sohyun has been playing the piano since she was little. She is close to Highlight‘s Dongwoon.


Hyuna is the most active 4minute member even after the group disbanded, releasing hit songs as a solo artist. Born Kim Hyun-ah on June 6, 1992, she was part of Wonder Girls before she joined 4minute in 2009. She is the only member who re-signed a contract with Cube Entertainment after her group disbanded. She released her fifth EP A’wesome which was supported by her first concert tour of the United States, shortly after her group’s disbandment. She can speak Japanese and a little bit of English and Mandarin.

What Happened to Them?

There have been many rumors as to the reason for the dissolution of 4Minute, and why only Hyuna renewed her contract with Cube Entertainment while the other members decided not to renew theirs. According to a statement issued by a Cube Entertainment rep on June 13, 2016, the agency tried to renew 4minute members’ contracts. However, four out of the five members chose to not have their contracts renewed. Because of that, there was no other alternative but for 4minute to disband.

However, the contract Hyuna renewed with Cube Entertainment eventually came to an abrupt end. On August 3, 2018, Hyuna revealed that she has been dating Pentagon’s E’Dawn since May 2016. This resulted in a huge scandal in which Cube Entertainment decided to end both artists’ contracts, citing a loss of trust for their decision. The decision was so abrupt that even Hyuna found out online and wasn’t notified by her agency. The agency announced on October 15, 2019, that Hyuna had officially left Cube Entertainment. Hyuna joined P-Nation, a new agency created by singer Psy.