Who Is Matthew Gray Gubler? Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Girlfriend

When talking about American celebrities who never thought they would be making a living through acting, Matthew Gray Gubler is one of the lucky actors. Although he has a great passion for movie directing which he decided to delve into in order to be a good public speaker, he never imagined that he will reach this height of fame to the extent of achieving celebrity status. Gubler loves entertaining people and this made him feature in more than seven hundred short movies while in college.

He gained public attention as a result of his excellent portrayal of Dr Spencer Reid in a 2005 TV series titled, Criminal Minds which was aired on CBS television network. Beyond being an actor, Matthew Gray Gubler has previously done some works as a fashion model, music video director, writer and also a fine artist. More background details about the skilled American actor below.

Who is Matthew Gray Gubler (Age)

Matthew Gray Gubler is a proficient actor who was born in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada in USA on 9th March 1980, to his parents, John Gubler; a legal practitioner and Marilyn Gubler, a politician and ranch owner. Matthew Gray Gubler was raised in a serene environment near Bob Baskin recreational centre, Las Vegas. He has an older sister, Laura Dahl, a fashion designer and a younger brother, Gray Gubler.

Gubler was an alumnus of the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts, where he specialized in movie directing since the school wasn’t offering cinematography. After his graduation from the academy in 1998, he enrolled into University of California, Santa Cruz, and after two years, he moved to Tisch School of the Arts, the University of New York where he obtained a degree in Movie Directing in 2002.

Matthew Gray Gubler put his career to a start as a fashion model while he was still in New York University. He was accosted by a model agent in front of a drugstore, a fortuitous encounter which made him start modeling with DNA model management for some high-profile designers such as Sisley, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and many others. Alongside modeling, he made his acting debut in a movie titled, The Life Aquatic, while he was still doing his internship as part of his college program under the tutelage of Wes Anderson, a writer and director. He was cast to play the role of Intern#1 but was later changed to Nico the Intern in the aforementioned movie. His outstanding performance in the movie led to the beginning of his propitious acting career, something he never dreamt of.

The adept actor later landed a role in a TV series, Criminal Minds where he was cast as a brilliant FBI agent which he performed outstandingly and this brought him to the peak of superstardom. Gubler also flexed his great acting skills in the following TV series; Celebrity Ghost Stories, The Beauty Inside, At midnight and others. He Additionally graced his talent in movies such as RV, Zoe, Hot Air, Magic Valley, Trash Fire, Newness and others, as well as providing a voice in All-Star Superman, Batman: Assault on Arkham and many others.

Furthermore, the brilliant actor has written an interesting book captioned Rumple Buttercup, which he published on 2nd April 2019. Matthew Gray Gubler has also contributed to humanity through his skillful art-works which includes Watercolor and Gouache. He has a unique website and social media accounts where he posts most of his artistic works. In September 2005, twelve of his watercolor artworks which featured in a museum of fine arts-show in the Czech Republic were all sold out. Gubler’s artwork has also featured in the Little Bird art exhibition, Paper Cuts, in Atwater Village, California. Through his plethora of career endeavors, Gubler has garnered a huge fortune for himself as his net worth is reportedly estimated at $10 million.

Matthew Gray Gubler’s Personal Life – His Wife and Girlfriend

Gubler has a very long list of beautiful ladies he has had a romantic affair with, such as Eva Wind, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Kat Dennings, Marisa Morris; an actress, Victoria Asher; a musician, Ali Michael; a model and Rachel Bourlier, a French journalist. However, the courageous actor became a bit secretive with his relationship details lately and it is not yet known whether Matthew Gray Gubler is in a relationship or has a wife as he has not revealed such to the public.


The brilliant actor is quite tall as he is standing at the towering height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m) and weighs 79 kg (174 lb). His other body measurement is given as 39-14-33 for his Chest, Biceps, and Waist respectively.