Who Is Andrew Dice Clay And Does He Still Perform Stand-up Comedy?

The entertainment industry is one that is multi-faceted, with different types of content primarily created to serve as a source of entertainment for audiences. Comedy is one of the more popular forms of entertainment and it is riddled with the talents of great comedians, who have a knack for finding humor in regular relatable events or socio-political happenings. Andrew Dice Clay is one of the successful comedians but also one of the most controversial comics that have been in the business of comedy for a long time, but comedy is not all he is known for.

Who Is Andrew Dice Clay?

Born on the 29th of September, 1957, as Andrew Clay Silverstein, this comedian grew up in Brooklyn, New York where he was also born. His parents, Jacqueline and Fred, are Jewish; as a result of this, Clay and his sister, Natalie was raised as Jewish.

Clay has always had a passion for performing; as a child, he would perform impressions for his family and as he grew older, he learned how to create and play music. For a period during his teens, Andrew was playing his music in the Catskills at bar mitzvahs and weddings using the moniker ‘Clay Silvers’.

James Madison High School was where he had his high school education. After he was done at James Madison, he tried to get a degree but dropped out to perform comedy full time. By 1978, when Andrew Dice Clay was just twenty-one, he joined the comedy club, Pips, located in Sheepshead Bay. At Pips, he was known as Andrew Clay and his act was mostly made up of impressions, it was during this period that he created The Diceman, a character in his line-up of character comedy. News of his wit and humor spread and in a short while he started to appear in more clubs.

The 80s was the greatest period for his career as a comedian and the fame he enjoyed in these years was largely as a result of The Diceman character. But his fame began to dwindle as a result of the same character. The Diceman was a homophobic and misogynist character who Clay had created from the people he grew up knowing, which did not sit well some people as a cultural shift was happening in terms of how women and gays were been treated. In 1987, when he introduced Cher at the MTV Awards, Clay did a routine as The Diceman for three minutes which led to his eventual ban from MTV for life.

Andrew Dice Clay, who is an advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, is also known for his multiple marriages. The first time he got married, it was to Kathy Swanson and they tied the knot in 1984, only to get divorced in 1986. In 1990, she sued Clay for breach of contract; the suit was for $6 million.

His next marriage took place in 1992 and it was Kathleen Monica. The two were together for ten years; and in that time, they had two children, Maxwell and Dillon. These are the only children that the comedian has and of the two, Maxwell, the first child, followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a comedian. Andrew Dice Clay and Kathleen got divorced in 2002 and by 2010 he has married again, this time to the hairstylist, Valerie Vasquez who he divorced in 2014.

Does Andrew Dice Clay Still Perform Stand-up Comedy?

For more than forty years, Andrew Dice Clay has been in the entertainment industry. His career as an entertainer started off with comedy but by 1982 he started to get acting roles. His first appearance in a film or television show was on the 1982 show M*A*S*H. He subsequently went on to appear in different films and television shows. Dice Clay has since built a career in acting and he is known for the brilliant performances he has put on in different films, some of which are A Star is Born and Blue Jasmine. He has also co-authored a book, The Filthy Truth which is his memoir.

This comedian, who has a reputation for being controversial, which his career suffered for, has still found a way to remain relevant in the comedy scene and his acting has not stopped this either. Andrew Dice Clay is still a comedian and to date, still performs stand-up comedy.