Who Are Joe Biden’s Daughters And What Do They Do For A Living?

The Bidens are a well known political family in America that is led by the family patriarch, former vice-president Joe Biden. Despite his busy schedule as a top political figure in the country, the former longtime senator from Delaware is a true family man who has brought in four children; two boys and two girls, to the world. Unfortunately, like every other family out there, Joe Biden’s family has gone through its fair share of loss and tragedy that has seen him lose both a daughter and a son as well as his wife.

Here are details of Biden’s daughters and how he lost one of his precious pearls, plus his first wife, in a 1972 tragic accident.

Who Are Joe Biden’s Daughters?

As mentioned above, Joe Biden had two daughters. His first daughter is Naomi (or Amy as she is fondly called) whom he had with his first wife. His second daughter is Ashley Blazer Biden, a product of his second marriage.

Naomi Biden

In 1972, shortly after Joe Biden was elected as a senator, he suffered a loss that changed the course of his life forever. While he was busy interviewing candidates for job openings on his staff, his wife Neila Biden and their 3 children (Beau, Hunter, and Naomi) went Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, their vehicle got hit by a truck carrying corn cobs.

The accident led to the instant death of Neila and Naomi on the 18th of December, a few weeks after the baby girl turned a year old. The accident also left her two brothers seriously injured but they recovered. Beau later died of brain cancer in 2015, aged 46.

Ashley Biden

At the behest of his sons, Joe Biden remarried in 1977. He married Jill, a high school English teacher who turned down his proposal several times before accepting it when she felt ready as she was hesitant to commit herself to raise his 2 young boys.

Meeting and marrying Jill was one of the events that gave Joe a new zest for life. The couple had their first child together on the 8th of June 1981, a baby girl named Ashley Blazer.

What Do Joe Biden’s Daughters Do For A Living?

Ashley Biden grew up in a family where she was dotted on. She revealed that her father ignited the passion she has for social work at a very young age, especially through how he treats people.

After her early education, she attended Tulane University in New Orleans where she studied Cultural Anthropology, graduating in 2003. She then proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Master’s in Social Work.

Joe Biden’s daughter later went on to marry Dr. Howard Krein, a plastic surgeon at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital on the 2nd of June 2012. Her late brother (Beau) introduced her to the doctor.

Ashley’s Career

After her education, Ashley began her career working as a clinical support specialist at the NHS Children’s Reach Clinic in Kensington, Philadelphia.

After she returned home to Delaware, she began to work as an employment and education specialist in the West End Neighborhood House. She then proceeded to work as a social worker at the state’s Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families for five years.

Ashley’s next job was as the Director of the Delaware Center for Justice, a position she held for seven years. The center is a nonprofit advocacy group that began as a Prisoner’s Aid Society in 1920 but has evolved to focus on assisting people involved with the justice system and helping to implement programs that help the incarcerated, youths at risk, and victims of crime to start afresh.

In 2017, Ashley launched a nonprofit fashion outfit called Livelihood in collaboration with Gilt. She left her position as director at the Delaware Justice Center in March 2019 to focus on the organization. The outfit sells “Livelihoodies” all designed by Ashley and part of the proceeds are donated to local communities for workforce development, education, and job placement. The organization also has the goal of supporting the criminal justice reform and help close the gap of economic disparity,

Joe Biden’s daughter is presently working on her second collection of hoodies and she has shared with the press that her dream is to continue making hoodies until she perfects an American made that is functional, sleek and cozy.

Although she is not officially working for the campaign, she is involved in her father’s campaign bid for President as she has shared several posts supporting him on social media.