What Happened To Matt Hardy And Is He Leaving WWE? 

Following his series of cryptic messages on both YouTube and Twitter, insinuating that he had just a short while to finish his tenure with WWE and would love an early exit, Matt Hardy later got his wish when the company officially released him. His brother Jeff Hardy is out for two months as a result of sustained injuries and was not able to make it back quickly enough, so Matt is all alone, fighting some talent on the roster that is not doing much. The famed wrestler has not actually had any push and neither has he been after a title and to witness him resuscitate his character is quite brilliant.

This means that in addition to something special taking place in the middle of the cards, we will still get to be entertained by the major event talent. It couldn’t have happened sooner for Matt who stood the risk of stagnation if he was left without the support of his high flying sibling. This is the second time he is into this kind of situation, but with no gimmick to use as an escape route. Matt Hardy’s relationship with WWE has been fraught with troubles and he already exited from the company a couple of times and both on very bad terms.

What Happened to Matt Hardy

The first time he exited from WWE in 2005, Matt Hardy was actually sacked following some dramatic events that happened while he was on recuperation from a knee injury. He actually locked horns with Kane to save his girlfriend Lita from an impending attack from the renowned Big Red Machine. It was while he was off fixing his knee that his girlfriend Lita started dating Edge. Lita found a new love and behold, it was one of her boyfriend’s best friends. It goes without saying that Matt hit the rooftop upon discovering the goings-on.

Unable to control his anger, Matt Hardy took to social media to reveal his feelings about the situation, and with a company like WWE who hold their brand in high esteem, that was not good at all. The company had to fire him in April when a lot of backstage drama resulted from the issue with the locker room filled with an intense mood. The outcome was pretty bad for WWE as fans threw their weight behind Matt, seeing him as the injured party. This resulted in the wrestler being hired back on the 11th of July 2005 which was a couple of months later.

Upon his return, Matt Hardy commenced a feud with his rival Edge; they locked horns in backstage brawls, with several fights on raw, throwing extremely stiff punches. Following this feud, the wrestler became extremely popular, holding both the ECW Championship and US Championship in the process. Also, he became a team with his brother Jeff in 2006 and later had a feud with him after a while, not far from his second exit from WWE but at his own request this time around.

Is He Leaving WWE?

Fast forward to 2009, when the famed wrestler came in a triple threat match alongside Kofi Kingston and MPV, he sustained a horrifying injury with his intestine exploding through the wall of his abdomen. This happened at a bad time as Matt was deep into the push, though he sustained abdominal tear a couple of years earlier, it was less complicated and needed no surgery but this was obviously a surgical case. After a successful surgery, Matt Hardy returned to action but his outings were a bit uneventful. As a result, he was sent away from the European tour in 2010 for unexplained reasons

Obviously, he was not in the right frame of mind when he began voicing out his dissatisfaction with WWE and calling for his premature release from the company. He was quite broken, insisting on exiting from a place that has invested so much on him since he is of the opinion that his character was underutilized. October 2010 saw Matt Hardy’s final release from the WWE.

Fans say it was the best thing for the wrestler as he moved over to TNA to work on developing his character. The road was quite rocky with him being released for a DUI once. He succeeded in developing a character that endeared him to the Internet Wrestling Community, becoming a World Champion and even found new love with Reby Sky, with their son King Maxel arriving a while later. The wrestling champion appeared to be in a better place after his resurgence.

After all that went down, Matt Hardy returned for a third run in WWE alongside his brother Jeff. This time, he is coming as the Broken Matt and wished to complete his career in WWE with this character. Since he made his comeback, Matt and his brother have made giant strides, thus becoming the first tag team to win the three of WWE’s world tag team championships (World, Raw, and SmackDown). Apparently, fans are hoping that he fights full course this time and not exit on bad terms like the previous two occasions.