What Happened To Kevin Hart? Here’s What We Know About His Car Accident and Injury 

On the 1st of September 2019, reports emerged that popular comedian/actor, Kevin Hart, had been involved in a terrifying car accident. It was also revealed that the car had two other occupants and that they all made it out alive. Since then, fans have been wondering on the extent of the comic’s injuries. There have also been questions about the possible period of recuperation, and when Hart will be able to resume doing what he loves best. Here the answers to these questions and more.

What Happened to Kevin Hart? – What We Know About His Car Accident.

On the 1st day of September 2019 (around 1 am), Hart and two other occupants, Jared Black and Rebecca Broxterman, were travelling in one of his vehicles. Black was behind the wheels when the vehicle suddenly turned from the southbound Cold Canyon road to the eastbound Mulholland Highway. The car veered off the treacherous Mulholland Highway, crashed through a fence, rolled over and then landed in a 10-feet ditch.

Black and Broxterman were pinned under the crushed roof of the car and were only extricated after the local fire department sawed off the roof. Hart, on the other hand, was not trapped and immediately left the scene for his residence. The comic was later checked into L.A.’s Northridge Hospital Medical Centre for proper medical attention.

So, what are the identities of the other persons who were also involved in Kevin Hart’s car accident? Well, Jared Black is a budding producer while Broxterman is a personal trainer. Broxterman is also Black’s fiancée and serves as the personal trainer of Hart’s wife, Eniko Hart. Black sustained major back injuries and was taken to the Ronald Reagan Medical Centre. His fiancée, on the other hand, did not sustain any serious injury but only complained of pains.

Another pertinent question about Kevin Hart’s car accident is the vehicle that was involved. The crashed vehicle is a vintage car namely, The 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. The comic had previously purchased the ride as his 40th birthday gift back in July 2019. Videos and photos obtained by TMZ showed that the car was completely destroyed with the frontend smashed and the roof gone. The car was later retrieved by the authorities for a routine mechanical inspection. The authorities equally announced that the driver, Black, was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

What We Know About Hart’s Injuries

Kevin Hart’s car accident led to serious back injuries including three fractures in his spine. The comic was unable to talk, or walk, immediately after the accident and had to undergo a back surgery. Thankfully, the procedure was a success and the doctors fused the fractures in his spine; two in the thoracic part of his spine and one in the lumbar. Hart spent up to nine days in the hospital before he was released. The award-winning comedian is expected to make a full recovery. He will, however, require round-the-clock care, as well as four months of physical therapy, to fully recover. This, therefore, means that Hart, who is one of the highest-paid comedians in the world, will be out of commission for upwards of four months.

Celebrity Reactions to Kevin Hart’s Car Accident

Kevin Hart is one of the most beloved individuals in the world and as such, news of his accident led to an outpouring of support on social media. English footballer, David Beckham, urged Hart to stay strong and wished him luck with recovery. Fellow comedian, Gabriel Iglesias, described Hart as a man who had brought smiles, laughter and positive energy to people and as such, deserved it in return. Actor, Bryan Cranston, described Hart as a good human and urged him to get well soon while fellow comic/actor, Terry Crews, described Hart as a brother and also urged him to get well soon.

Coming to America star, Arsenio Hall, was more poignant in his own reactions. He stated that cars could be replaced but that the comedy world could never replace Kevin Hart.

The ladies were also not left out in this show of love. Iconic businesswoman, Martha Stewart, used her Twitter account to wish Hart a speedy recovery. Mercurial actress, Nicole Kidman, and Office star, Mindy Kaling, also sent their love and prayers to Hart. Kevin Hart’s good pal, as well as co-star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson simply told the comic to quit messing with his emotions and that he loved him.


In the aftermath of Kevin Hart’s car accident, one stabilizing influence in his life has been his family. His wife, Eniko Hart (nee Parrish), has been by his side every step of the way. She also granted an interview to TMZ where she reassured fans that her husband was going to be just fine. Hart and Parrish wed in 2016 and have a son, named Kenzo, together. Hart also has two children, namely Heaven and Hendrix, from his previous marriage to Torrei Hart.