Rusten Sheskey Age, Wife And Wikipedia: 10 Facts To Know

AsRusten Sheskey is a police officer who had shot Jacob Blake on August 23, 2020, which made him seriously injured. In fact, it has been reported that he had shot Jacob‘s back a total of seven times which could have killed him on spot.

Quick Facts: Rusten Sheskey Age, Wife And Wikipedia: 10 Facts To Know

NameRusten Sheskey
Age31 years
ProfessionPolice Officer
Siblings2 brothers
WifeKaty Sparks (m. September 23, 2017)

How old is Rusten Sheskey? According to The New York Times, Rusten is 31 years old. During the encounter, it is believed that he had shot Blake in front of his three sons. 

10 Facts on Rusten Sheskey

  1. Rusten Sheskey is a 31-years-old police officer who will face no charges for the shooting of Jacob Blake
  2. Moreover, Jacob Blake was just 29 years of age when Rusten Sheskey shot him and now, he has been paralyzed from the waist down. Also, it is reported that a lot of his organs including his stomach, kidney, and liver are totally damaged.
  3. According to Wikipedia, Rusten Sheskey is from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and thus, he is of American nationality
  4. Talking about his love life, Rusten Sheskey was married to his wife Katy Sparks on September 23, 2017.
  5. Speaking about Rusten Sheskey’s family, we have no idea about his parents but we do know that he has a total of two brothers.
  6. Coming to the incident of Jacob Blake‘s shooting, Rusten had shot him after he heard a woman shouting that he had kidnapped her kids. 
  7. Previously, he had worked at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Campus as their officer.
  8. Furthermore, we have come to know that he liked being a cop because a lot of people trust cops. 
  9. As mentioned on Insider, only Rusten had shot Blake and no other cops were involved in the shooting. 
  10. Coming to his police career, he was made a part of the Kenosha Police Department on April 1, 2013. He had joined the police department to help people in the worst days of their lives.